XK150 bench Seats - slipping going round corners!

Since the restoration and the retrim of the original bench seats, I slide all over the place when going around corners.
The original Dunlopillow seat latex was so far gone it could not be reused.
The trimmers have used solid blocks of foam, whilst comfy offer no lateral support.
Has anyone out there in used different density foam to give a more support in corners.
I was thinking getting a slightly less dense foam in the middle of the seat and backs and a higher density foam at the sides.
My main concern is the leather will slacken and look unsightly.
Looking at the 120s seats they seem to have some shape, whereas my 150 is just like a bus seat – flat as a pancake.
Any help on this would be appreciated

150’s are not the best bucket seats ,if you could call them that, I always tighten my lap safety belt a little more if I am driving actively.

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