XK150 FHC Boot access folding panel (BD13567)

Would anyone be able to dimension the boot access wooden panel?
What would be it’s thickness?

A photo always speaks a 1000 words :slight_smile:


I have a used one for sale, not covering on it though

ply is 3/8 inch thick as is all the similar ply bits on an XK

Thanks, Terry.
Would you have the measurements by any chance?
Where is the HW mounted?


I am still looking for help on the panel - can anyone with a XK150 FHC measure it please?..


Hi Tadek,

I can take measurements /photos when I get home from work today (approx 9 hours from post time) Any specific areas I should pay attention to?
Cheers, Jon

HI Jon,

Many thanks!

  • overall dimensions of the panel (it’s a rectangle I believe?)
  • lock mount location (distance from top of the panel)
  • leather mounting strap location (distance from top & side of the panel)
  • hinge location (distance from the side of the panel)


Overall dimensions: found mine is not quite a rectangle. I am a metric native so if you need to convert, then do so. Side with hinges was 945mm, side with sliding locks was 930mm. Height is 188mm.
Lock is 15mm down from edge.
Flipping over, bolt for leather strap is 93mm down from hinge side, and 35mm in from end.
End hinges start 114mm from edge.

Photo album to follow shortly.


This is absolutely perfect! Thanks so much!