Xk150 fuel tank filter

Hi All…removed the large screw in plug from the botton of the fuel tank…then fished out some broken mesh and a shaped wash…just found out that all the parts were the broken up fuel filter…could buy a new one for £60 but as the main part is the large screw in bung was thinking if any of you have an alternative option…something like a modern filter slipped over the fuel pipe…Steve

I have placed a inline fuel filter just before the fuel pump.

I bought some brass screen and repaired mine. A nice soldering job for a winter day.

As I recall, the pickup tube was 3/8" OD, so you could look for a plastic inline filter about the right size, cut it apart, and put the filter element in there over the tube.

Thanks guys…ordered some fine brass mesh to solder up a filter…but a tempory plastic filter slid over the pipe in bottom of tank for now…Steve