XK150 Trip & Clock Reset Cable - Mounting Positions

Hi All,

My 1958 LHD XK150 DHC came without the clock or the trip reset cables and try as I might, I cannot see on any pics exactly how they mount to the under side of the dash. The best my research threw up was an old 2010 thread with pics that aren’t there anymore and a brief but inconclusive discussion.

So, please can anyone help with:-

  • Pics & lengths of the correct cables & fixings that I need to find (Trip & Clock).
  • Pics/description of the under dash position & mounting mechanism.
  • Pics of the cables in position under the dash.

I know that this will all turn out to be ridiculously simple and obvious but I need to be sure that I have got it right.

With thanks in anticipation


There’s a panel that mounts under the dash. I don’t have mine handy, but here’s a picture of one for a MKII:


The ends of the two cables attach/mount to the holes on either of the steering column. Each is only about 8 inches long. Good luck finding a pair, they’ll be fairly expensive when you do.

Here’s a pic from my ‘59. The cable is treaded with a step. You insert it through the under dash panel and screw the bezel onto it. My car is an automatic but that shouldn’t make a difference.
Pat H

Thanks for helping. Are the two holes for the reset just under the edge of the dash?

Hi Pat,

Thanks for your help with this - pics are always a big help.

I didn’t even know that there was an under dash panel and I have never seen a pic of one until now.

So it seems that the trip and clock resets are set back from the dash edge. Is the one in the pic a Tacho or clock reset? Presumably the other one is on the other side or are they both on the same side?

Yes, there are two located 3 inches back from the dash face. Obviously the one below the speedo adjusts the clock and the one below the tach adjusts the trip odometer. Three pictures attached.
Pat H

Hi Pat,

The pics are fantastic thanks. I can see just how they fit now. This will be really helpful for someone in the future too.

My car came with all the internal panels in the Trunk and I will now go through them all again looking for an under dash panel…

Thanks once again Pat.

No problem Andy. Glad to help out. Where are you located?

Hi Pat,

I’m located in Manchester, England. A nice day here today - sunny, blue skies and no breeze.

Here is a picture of my under dash panel for a 58 OTS.

Hi Morris,

Thanks for the great pic - another big help with this.

I can clearly see the position holes for the tacho and reset cables and the layout of the entire panel as well so thanks once again.

I cant believe that I’m missing this panel but I am.

Not surprising, I’m sure many have gone missing at one point or another.

BTW - there are two different panel shapes depending on the year. Here’s a drawing from BAS:

Yours is probably the bottom one.

If you want l can make a tracing paper copy and send it over if you wish.

Hi Morris,

Thank you - that’s really kind of you to offer but I will probably end up sending it into a trim shop and taking their ready cut panel as part of the entire job. .I really appreciate the offer though and might even come back to you about it if I change my direction with the trim.

Thanks for the BAS diagram. Its really helpful and surprising to see all the variations.

Does anybody know what length the trip reset and clock reset cables are? I have looked at some Mk2 cables but they look too long to me?

Here’s a picture of mine:
Short one is the clock.