XK8 goes into limp mode after a while with Gearbox Fault

Hello everyone. I just put in a new filter and fluid in the transmission. I believe I did it correctly and the old fluid didn’t look terrible. I waited until the trans was warm before putting the fill plug back in and all that so it should be at the correct level. Recently while driving somewhat normally but the issue presents after moderate to heavy acceleration, I get a gearbox fault and the car goes into a high gear so I can get home with little acceleration, but when I turn it off and back on it goes away, shifts smooth and operates normally until it happens again and it happens on each drive now. Any help would be appreciated. Car has 112k miles.

Have you rechecked the level in the transmission?

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MAXIMUM warm is 50 Centigrade so I hope you installed the fill plug WAY before that!

Yes I did above 30, I just checked and it’s all good.

Just did it’s all good.

What fluid did you use when you serviced the trans?