XK8 Powersteering Servotronic

I have a little trouble with servossteering on my 1997 XK8 LHD. There is a slight response from PowerSteering at low engine rpm. I had similar problems with my X305 a few years ago and then it was Servotronic Relay LNA2100BB that was the problem. Think it’s the same with my XK8. I would therefore like to know if there is one as with exact where this relay (module) is located. More so I don’t have to separate the whole car to find it. On my X305 it was located at the feet on the left side behind the Olast Panel, but it is not the same on an XK8. Hope for help. Greetings Per from Denmark.

If you’re saying that the steering is hard to turn at lower speeds, you could try pulling the powersteering assist fuse and seeing if its blown or slightly corroded. Mine had stiff steering and after doing some research i saw about it. Mine didn’t “look too bad” but after i swapped it out, my smooth steering was back

The ELECTRICAL GUIDE will have ALL module locations.

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I have solved the problem. A new powerSteeringPump was needed! Not particularly expensive mine difficult for large hands to replace.

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