[xk8] Running out of time V8 Throttle Body Replacement

V8 Throttle Body Replacement
For those of you who have not yet had your VIN checked by
your Jaguar Dealer to ascertain if your throttle body
requires changing FOC (free of charge) S514 VS Version 5
Jaguar have now extended this deadline to December 2009.
Some time ago I attended the Jaguar Enthusiast’s Club XK8
Seminar at Castle Bromwich and asked how much it would cost
if we were unlucky enough to have to incur the cost.
David Marks said circa �800 plus labour and VAT.
A Jaguar parts supplier confirmed this on the day.
It had previously been confirmed when I asked the same
question of two Jaguar Dealerships after my 1998 XK8 had
been done last year FOC.
Well would you believe not strictly true: Jaguar Part No:
C2A 1470 EK is the part used by Jaguar Dealers when they
carry out the FOC change (K = Campaign) This can be
purchased not only from Jaguar Dealers, but also from any
genuine Jaguar parts supplier for �125 plus VAT. I checked
this out the other day!
I have just spent most of the morning trying to help someone
in Germany who was quoted 1,800 Euros by Jaguar Munchen.
Some 20 e-mails and two phone calls later and they have come
up with 245 Euros.
It transpired that the service department had not quoted the
�campaign number� when requesting the parts!
It is a Service Bulletin, so your Jaguar dealer can tell you
if it has been done by checking your VIN to see if there are
any open field service actions.
I had previously heard that Jaguar Cars have been putting
pressure on Dealerships to carry out Service Action S514
option code B.
Mine was done at my cars 10 year service without asking, but
they do get overlooked, so it is worth asking.
My local Jaguar Dealership has supplied me with the
following information on Service action S514V5 issued by
Jaguar Cars and dated 19th April 2007
Covers: XK8 and XJ8 series from 1997 to 1999
XK 1997 to 1998 VIN Range 001036 to 031302
XK 1998.75 to 1999 VIN Range 024695 to 042775
XJ8 1998 VIN Range 812256 to 853935
XJ8 1998 to 1999 VIN Range 812256 to 878717
VIN Range 001036 to 020734 Reprogram ECM only
VIN Range 020734 to 042775 Replace throttle body Appendix 2
with Part number C2a 1470 EK- from Service Action S514V5
Quote. A concern has been identified with the throttle
operation on a number of vehicles in the above VIN range.
Under exceptional circumstances this concern could cause the
engine to cut out, although the engine will continue to be
driven by the road wheels through the transmission and drive
the ancillaries, so there will be no loss of power steering,
brakes, air conditioning, etc. The engine should re-start
without difficulty once the vehicle has come to a complete
standstill. Un-quote.

So dont miss out if you still have not had yours Checked–
Bleasie International Cabriolet Register c/o 92hot@aol.com
GRIMSBY, United Kingdom
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