XK8 vs Aston Martin DB7 Any real differences in the cars

I have an XK8, a 2001, and it is a very nice car to drive occasionally. But recently, I have been looking at the early 1994 to 1999 DB7’s which look similar to the Jag, and sport what looks like a straight six engine originally used in the later Jag sedans and XJS at the end of their run. Does anyone on here have any thoughts or experience with the DB7 as compared to the XK8? Just thinking out loud.

Hi Ron,
I also have a XK8 drop top. The DB7 is a better car overall and sot after. However, consider replacement
parts and service costs, unless you have a expert mechanic in your back pocket… There are more
mechanics for the XK8 than the DB7. Also, dealer to dealer, more Jaguar dealers who might be willing
to work on the XK8 than the one Aston Marten dealer in your area. Working on it yourself, there are
a lot more parts available for the XK8 v. DB7. A lot more parts are available for the XK8 on, say, e-bay
automotive. In general speaking more money is needed for the DB7 than the XK8 or the XKR of similar
age. I’m in the Puget Sound area with Jaguar dealers in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and Victoria, B.C. and
a long list of private mechanical shops surrounding these cities for my 2001 XK8.

Best of luck in you decision,
Bob Allen

You might want to look into the 2006+ V8 Aston Martin Vantage. The build quality and overall ergonomics are MUCH better. I have customers with the DB7s and I have a Vantage myself. You would not even know it was made by the same people they are so different.


You are being too kind saying the DB 7 compares to the XK 8, it is only an XJS on a good day…

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Many thanks, and I will take a look at the vee eight Vantage.

To be fair, BOTH the early bd7 and early xk8 use the xjs platform. Heres a little interesting read.


I should also say, i own a 93 xjs convertible and a 97 xk8 coupe, and there are enough differences in engine/trans, and suspension to know you are driving different cars. Lol. There is also more room inside the xk8 vs the xjs.


Esthetics aside, the XK has a much more modern body construction. It is also dynamically better.

I prefer to be very fair the straight 6 of the DB7 (a supercharged AJ6) over the V8 of the Jag. In case you look (to make matters more complex) at a DB7 Vantage (hence not the post-2006 Vantage), you will find a V12, that has nothing to do with Jaguar but that is also a great engine.

The DB7 can be manual.

At their age both cars may show aging of (sub-optimal quality) trim and parts availability of Aston will be acceptable but more expensive.

You are not asking for advice… but the DB is one piece of beauty with a great engine and possibly a manual gear box.



Before I bought my XK8, I ( briefly) considered the Aston. 3 times the price, 3 times the car?


The June 2019 issue of Jaguar World compared the XKR vs. the DB7. That seems like a proper matchup considering the prices of the cars then and now.

That article felt the DB7 had sharper handling (steering, less body roll) and the XKR a significantly better ride. They really felt that the build quality of the XKR was much better than the DB7 overall, but the leather and wood of the DB7 was of higher quality.

I personally do prefer the front and rear end styling the DB7. The back 3rd of the XK8/XKR was the least successful aspects of that design IMHO. The DB7 is crisper and more aggressive there.

While I prefer the looks of the DB7, some of that is also due to its rarity. And in truth, if you asked 10 non-car enthusiasts which car is which, 8 of 10 probably would misidentify them. I suspect to non-enthusiasts the cars look almost identical.


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I watched that video and it was sort of informative, as the accent and the sound was not that good. Since I have an xk8, it only need to find an Aston and look it over and perhaps drive it and see if it is worth adding it to the stable. Thanks for your input. By the way, I have had a DB5 and two DB6’s a while back, so I know what to expect.

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Having driven both, I prefer the XK8/XKR. Much better ride than an Aston Martin.
That may disappoint some but it’s true.
The Jaguar is more comfortable and more refined.
The doors in the db7 feel light and cheap.
The Aston feels quicker but less impressive overall.


Yet another little bit of history, that I was not aware of!

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The Vantage looks very interesting, but they may be beyond what I am prepared to pay for a car. I collect and seldom drive the cars.

If you just collect and seldom drive, then your criteria for purchasing is different than buying a car to drive. I had a friend that had close to 20 cars but only a couple would run or drive at anytime. I suggested he sell off and keep one or two of the best to drive and enjoy. Have another friend that just like to collect and could care less if they run or drive. Each to their own way of enjoying the hobby.


I do drive them occasionally and keep the trickle charger on the ones that eat the battery just sitting there. I had the original Astons back in the 60’s when no one thought anything of them. I know the first ‘new ones’ in late 90’s were mostly XK8’s like my 2001. but somehow, there is an attraction to these cars. One with a manual transmission would have a powerful draw to me. Is there some point in your life when you can tell yourself NO? I really would like to take both to a local cruise in and see what the reaction would be by the spectators. I suspect most would think they were just different years of the same car.

Unless you are at a British car show, hardly no one knows what an Aston Martin is until they look at the badging and some still don’t know. If you want attention at a local car show and shine, get a C2 Corvette. My 66 gets more attention than all of the other cars put together. The Aston drives much better though.

Part of that is due to the age of people attending these shows, and back then, it was so many men’s dreams to own a Corvette. I was busy with Jaguars and Aston Martins, and questions at gas stations were always to be expected. My other ‘bucket list’ car is a Bristol, and I have been chasing them for years.