Xk8 workshop manual

I’ve just bought a ‘98 XK8 and wonder if there are any free downloads of the workshop manual. There are a few minor problems like heater not shutting off that I would like to address.


Jaguar offered JTIS on CD up until the early 2000s (JTIS21), then we were issued a ‘username/password’ to log onto Jaguar Business Network Online and the CDs were discontinued.

JTIS 20 will still function but version 21 ‘timed-out’ January 1 of some year in the early 2000s.

I still use JTIS 20 but there are ‘hacked’ versions of 21 that are available all over the internet.



Thanks for that info. I also am a member of the Jaguar Forum and they have a ‘sticky’ with a good few PDF files that will keep me occupied for a while.


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