XK8 X100 1997 headlamp levelling

Hi freinds! have a problem with headlamp leveling. It only works once in a while. typically only once or twice and then not again until after some time. The motors are fine, the fuse is fine and the rotary potentiometer is fine, the rotary potentiometer has been tried to be exchanged with one from a friend’s car where it works 100%. Does anyone have a good idea where I should look for errors??? Thanks in advance for help! Per
PS.:Should perhaps just add that it is both headlights that fail!

Both headlights being affected points to the control module.

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The control module is ok, have tried with 2 different modules that work fine in other cars. Think it could be a ground connection. However, there are a lot of people looking around, so maybe someone knew where there was the greatest chance of finding a bad ground connection.!?!?

are you saying that you tried other modules & rotary potent/ in your car & they worked ok or you saying you tried your units in other car/s and worked ok? there’s 2 types of ground, black to chassis & black purple to logic ground