XKE S2 Belt Tensioner

Hi All,

Can someone please post a picture of the belt tensioner? The one I have has been disassembled and I’m not sure which way the spring goes.

Thanks in advance.

See if this shows enough to be useful:

That Allen head grub screw can be undone to add some grease in there.

And a couple of (almost cryptic) views after it was installed:

Is there any part, sub assembly or component you don’t have a picture of? :smile:

I guess I like my car to be as well-documented as, say, Kim Kardashian’s body.

Let no part be a mystery.


Thanks Geo!

Based on your pictures, here is how I assembled. Does this look accurate? Thanks Bob

It’s a great resource you are sharing and I for one thank you for that

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That looks right to me, though I am unclear what this tab thing is:


I‘d call it a retension tab, it puts the torque from the spring to the bracket. Mine is bent in a right angle.

Just another thought, there is a modern no lube pulley available, just can’t remember the source.

I think it’s a limiting arm. If the pulley moves too far out due to belt stretch it will slice your cooling hose. You want to set that clip so that the pulley pivot arm stops short of the hose even without the belt on it.

Erica is right. Torque is transfered by the spring end, movement limited by the arm.

Hi All,

Does anyone have any add’l pictures of the tensioner? I am still have an issue. I have been unsuccessful in obtaining spring tension and also being able to limit travel upwards to avoid the pulley hitting the radiator hose… This seems like a great british puzzle…

Thanks, Bob


if you take a close look at my picture, having the same problem I forwarded the spring end out of the apprpiate hole to the end of the bracket. That gives extra tension.

Thanks Martin,

I will give that a try. This is really an odd challenge…

Your bottom picture is upside down right? In that position, the pulley will be pushed down and to the right (counter clock wise) to grab the belt and will be pushing the belt out. The catch arm may be flipped around if it isn’t hitting the vane on the bracket. You notice most them have to be bent sideways to contact the vane prior to hose rubbing. You can’t tell till you fit it to the car.

Hi Martin,

Took apart the tensioner this evening and followed how you have pictured it. Really very helpful! Uninstalled, reassembled per your pic and it all works now. A definite chinese puzzle!

Many thanks!

Bob, I put mine back in yesterday as well, after fitting a refurbish kit to the waterpump. Having A/C and PS makes for scratched knuckles. Having the bonnet up vertical helped a lot, but man space is really tight for getting to the bolts. Looking forward to a sunday drive.

Hi Martin,

My hood and radiator are off the car so much easier than yours. Thanks again Bob


Yes, it will.

In the middle of Nebraska, on a hot August day, 1983.

No, I’m not bitter.

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