XKE S2 OTS TRunk Lid Latch

I have searched the forum and I have found very little on this topic. I mounted the lid and latch and it worked OK without the seal . Now I have fitted the lid seal and find lid will not latch there is no adjustment that of the hardware that I can see!!??Please note that I have rebuilt this S2 from the PO as a “kit” ! I would be grateful for a photo of the lid catch to see what it should look like!! Its quite possible that don’t have the correct parts!?

Shims as needed uder the lid part:

Hi Martin, Thanks…yr pic…it shows mine to be the same as yours.However, I must admit I had expected to use shims on the body fitting , rather than the boot lid. Thanks again. John H

Be aware that many aftermarket trunk seals for the OTS are incorrect in shape. That is, when the seal is installed, the boot lid will not latch, the same way you’re experiencing.

You may find that when you put enough shims in to get it to latch, the lid won’t be flush with the body anymore but stick up a bit. This is most likely because the seal is too tall and/or too stiff and forces the latch up.

If so, the best remedy is to find a proper seal, but as far as I know, a current part number or vendor hasn’t been identified yet who supplies one with a proper fit. One lister recently ordered some non-E-type specific seals from the UK which looked promising, but as I recall not yet tested in action in the wet.

Some people have modified their seals by slitting it I think, I haven’t tried this yet.

Hopefully some of the more informed and experienced listers will chime in with "buy part # X from vendor Y.



Put a camera with a self-timer in the boot aimed at the latch and close the lid. After a couple of adjustments to get the pic I needed I had a perfect image showing why the latch wasn’t catching. A few washers under the boot lid catch shimmed it perfectly.

That’s a good idea JK . Fortunately I was able to get an acceptable" latch on" by putting shims under the top latch! I did however have an annoying difficulty In threading the release cable through its mounting block , may be because the old cable ha become slightly unravelled!!. I guess a new cable might have been easier, but it went in after I had drilled a bevel on the hole . I also took the opportunity to instatall a back up release wire that is hidden on the top of the RHS turn signal box.