XKE series II door glass regulator gear replacement

I am replacing the large and small gears on the window regulators on my 1971 XKE OTS. My question is, is there any videos of this process, or pictures showing how to go about doing this?

Thanks in advance

David Farley

Hi David, You may be leading yourself down the wrong path. I would find a used door window glass regulator in better shape than yours rather than try to repair yours. Avoid the aftermarket reproduction ones as they are flimsy. Sometimes you just have to give up on saving parts, the time expense and frustration are just not worth it.


Hi David…its not complex…do you have the mechanism out already…should be obvious what to do once you have it on the bench…much easier than trying to describe what and how to do it…however google “replaceing E type winder mechanism” im sure there would be something on youtube on how to get the mechanism out of the door…Steve