Xnnn Model Differences?

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Can someone point me to a high-level table or time line defining the model differences among the X300 vs. X308 vs. 350vs. X358 ?
Again: High level. Don’t need to know whether the lug nuts were zinc or chromium plated.
I’ve been reading the Chris Harvey book “Jaguar Saloons, Grace, Space and Pace” and it doesn’t readily provide the information I am seeking. Though, it is informative in its own right and, I am enjoying the read.
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X300 straight six or v12 engines
X308 v8 automatics only. Better interior than above. Minor external light changes

X350. All new aluminium car, air suspension. More room in the rear. Higher, fatter car.

X358. Facelift of above. Grill, bumpers etc

X351? Modern looking car

1994-97: X300 - Developed from the XJ40 of the mid-80’s. For budget reasons, kept the same roof and doors but had redesigned front and rear clips. New (updated) inline six, called the AJ16 (previous engine was the AJ6.) Introduced the 1st supercharged offering from Jaguar, the XJR model.

1998-2003: X308 - Further development of the X300, mainly to accommodate the new AJ-V8 engine. New interior and revised front suspension. Small external styling changes.

2004-2008: X350 and X358 - complete redesign using an aluminum chassis and body. Lighter and more interior/luggage space. In addition to the V8, a V6 engine was offered, as well as a diesel.

2009 -2019: X351 - Major restyling breaking with traditional XJ styling cues. New V8 engine (AJ Gen III V8) as well as V6 and diesel options. Aluminum chassis and construction.


I was also thinking of bringing this up. This was the list I had come up with. Not saying it’s correct (and obviously not complete) but just what I had written down so far.

X300: XJ6

X301/X305: 1995 - 1997 XJ12

X306: XJR6

X308: 1998 - 2003 XJ8

X330: Long Wheelbase

X350: 2004 - 2007 XJ

X351: ?

X356: 2005 XJ

X358: 2008 - 2009 XJ

I would just add that it depends which country you are in. For example, the X350 was introduced in the U.K. in 2003 and a year later in the USA and Canada.

You can an 1 year to all models, for that side of the pond

Hello, All:
I apologise for the tardy response (Long story short: family matters).
Thank you for each of your generous replies. Just what I was looking for
I’ve picked up a copy of Thorley’s “Jaguar All the Cars”, Haynes Publishing, ISBN 1844250016 which offers much detailed information.
Now, to keep it all straight and clear in my mind. Ha ! Fat chance.
Long time ago, my daily driver was an XJ6L, Series II, 4.2L, 6 cyl.; Biscuit & Squadron Blue; 1979 model by U.S. timeline I think, Don’t recall the year. Long time ago; memory is fuzzy. But, not fuzzy is the memory of what a superb car that was. “My she was yar”, to paraphrase from the film “High Society”.
I don’t know. Kind of thinking I’d like another XJ saloon. My XJS is very satisfying but, it’s a very different car.
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Richard Cielec
Greater Metro Chicago, Illinois; U.S.A.

Richard, I owned the same car as you did - a 1978 XJ6 4.2L Series 2 LWB in olive green. It was a superb car and I miss it still.