Xtpe door won't open

Xtype rear door won’t open.
From inside or outside , nice not failure here and only 170 quid to fix it! (Garage)
Remove small screw bottom of door card also center screw , pull door card up and away
Breaking some plastic fixings in the process, careful with the reusable membrane.
Using a t20 torx bit on a small ratchet remove the three screws on the back of the lock plate, unhook the cable for the door latch .
Move the inside of the lock fitting upwards while an assistant pulls the door handle up, this will open the door.
Remove the three torx bolts that hold the lock to the door & the small plastic clip that retains the bar from the handle to the lock & remove the lock completely.
Suggest you have the replacement ready to fit, as you will not be able to lock the vehicle otherwise.
Refit is reversal of the above , don’t forget to buy some new clips as well , total cost £30