ZZ502 BBC Jaguar XJS 1989 Oil Change


I purchased a 1989 Jaguar XJS with a zz502 crate engine.

I was changing the oil and completely took off the oil filter, but unfortunately I was not able to remove the oil filter due to the lack of clearance between the oil pan and exhaust pipe. Once again the oil filter is OFF but I can’t get it out.

A possible solution is to remove the headers/exhaust OR remove the bolts from the engine mounts and jack up the engine OR remove the oil pan but this all seems like a lot of effort just for an oil change. I definitely don’t want to have to do this everytime!

Has anyone ran into similar issue with their lumps?

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There are remote filter kits to relocate the oil filtrer somewhere more convinient.
You can’t be removing the exhaust or the oil pan everytime…

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  1. that big block chevvy takes up lot of room in a restricted engine bay.

  2. jacking up the engine will not create more clearance. teh down pipe will go up with it.

3./some opne managed to get the filter out and a new one in> or did they. first installation. filter then the down pipe.

  1. One way might be t drop the two dwn pies just enmough to free the fiter.

  2. As I recall tere may be two filter options. One shrtie, and the other a longer one Opt for the shortie.

  3. to get this one out, break out the recip sw and chop it out.

  4. and as Aristides suggesats, a remte filter. Adapters are available. Braided ines serve well and look great

not many people put a 502 BBC in a jag. remote oil filter is the way to go. do you have room to mount somewhere? i have a Summit brand oil filter relocation kit new on the shelf i’d sell for less than new. i bought it and decided not to use it.

Thank you for all the replies and suggestions! I am thinking about going with a cartridge style filter in the future as the cartridge are more nimble and flexible to maneuver then a traditional spin filter.