1960 Mark ll firs time to drive since I purchase in August 2022

Today was a Grand Day for my 1960 Mark 2. She sat in a garage in Tucson Arizona for many years, I purchased her August 2022. Since that time it has been in the shop. First after years of setting, we went through all the ovious choirs of fuel, brakes,carbs ect. Got her running, but during warm up she blew a head gasket. Right before our eyes. So, pulled the head, sent off milled.new gasket. Reinstall. Of course knowing better than just pulling engine. Could not get it to seal , due to block needing milled as well. This is were I just gave in and dove in to replacing everthing . All new suspension , shocks, busing, bearing, brakes, fuel lines ect. Shipped off 2.4 litre engine, transmission , starter , generator, heater core, radiator to VINTAGE JAG WORKS , Arlene and Joe, Blackfoot Idaho. I had them complete dress the engine, as well as bore it out, which was decided it is now a 2.8 liter. Changed out the carbs from Zeniths to SUs so we could get more air. Engine shipped back. Prior to reinstall, steamed cleaned underside , completed detailed under carriage and engines bay. Body in great shape with new blue leather interior . . Engine, transmission.reinstalled, as well as reconnecting all components. New hosed , fuel lines, belts new aluminum radiator ect. After many hours of assembly , tried to fire her up, wouldn’t start. Figured out when Joe did test start he installed a negative ground distributor, so after receiving correct positive ground distrbutor, she came to life again. Test run went well until we ran out of gas, gas sending unit shot, so sent off for new one. And after a 1 1/2 years and about $40k later I drove here home !!!






Journey has been worth every penny. Now I have to get used to driving from the right hand seat!


That’s a big effort. Good that you saw it all through. Cheers.

Congrats on the journey! Fingers crossed that I don’t have the same experience with our 61 Mark 2 that hasn’t run sense 1987, but was stored inside.

Enjoy the ride!

Thank you, there was just no place to stop. Now it the task of getting all dash lights working, interior lights as well.

You know what they say , “ It was running when I parked it “ I wish you all the luck.

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Hopefully your car is in better shape than mine was in .

Well done, probably was running when it was parked. See how those early steel gaskets corrode away at the water jackets

A monumental achievement mate , well done . Mine is white with red interior.

I sent you a PM concerning your old carburetors and manifold…

Will get all that I have together, carbs have been rebuilt , and were basically new when i purchased car. Will get back to you.

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Thanks, not many of these cars in my area so lots of attention.

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Now the question is, will that work on a newer straight port head?

Came off my 1960 2.4 mark 2

That is certainly one of the benefits of driving an old Jaguar!

Those old Jaguars looked good then … and they look even better now!

(Well, to many at that time, the XJS was a disappointment in style, especially because it replaced the beautifully styled E-Type when it ended its production, however, like other old Jaguars, XJSs look good now … okay … so an XJS still doesn’t beat the E-Type in style. :innocent:)