1964 E-type Alternator options- Dynalite?

Hi all- can anyone relay their experience with the Dynalite generator for Series 1 E-types 3,8 L cars? I’m considering springing for one of these expensive units. I like the stock appearance as opposed to using a traditional 4.2 L type Lucas or upgraded Wosp alternator. Would appreciate thoughts from those who have considered these possibilities. Thanks!

Stephen, I have a 3.8 FHC that I converted to negative ground and fitted an alternator to it. There are two threads I started re. that endeavor. This first one is the summation of the project:

The initial thread is mentioned in the first paragraph of the above summation link. I settled on a Delco CS130 that has 85 amps. There is a reason to choose the CS130 over the earlier 10si and 12si versions in that GM improved both the mechanical and electrical noise. There are Denso options and, in the UK, Lucas is a good choice. I purposely did not choose the WOSP solution as I felt that they greatly increased their prices for a solution one can do far more affordably themselves.

Anyway, I hope you’ll find the links useful. -Scot


Both my 61 OTS and my 64 FHC 3.8 had a Powerlite Dynalite alternator conversion. These alternators have a design that is similar to the one of the original Lucas generator.
One (the OTS) was at the same time converted to negative ground while the FHC has kept its positive ground.
So they are of a different model regarding electrical connections (C18286CONV/1 for keeping the positive ground and C18286CONV for shifting to negative ground).

They are rated for 40 amps, which is ample and avoids generating too high currents through the original electrical circuit (the Lucas generator was rated for 30 amps).
I have not encountered any electrical issue using both cars (up to now…) and am reassured by the comfortable current output, especially at low revs, as shown by the ammo indication.

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Thanks Scot- very helpful

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Dynalite- I like the stock look too.

I installed a Dynator in my 1961 FHC a couple of years ago. Still going strong. Visually pretty close to the original generator


Interesting conversation: I’m thinking about one of these for my Rover, which uses the same generator as an E type. I have very limited room in which to put in any kind of an alternator, so this would save a lot of hassle.

The alternator on the left in this photo was supplied with the Retro Air AC kits. The wide spaced mounting lugs make it a virtual bolt in using the 3.8 generator bracket. Of course it doesn’t have the “W” pully, so it would require some adaptation unless used with the AC kit V-belt arrangement… It’s a 55 amp unit from an early Suzuki Samurai. The unit on the right is a 70 amp NASTRA A1234. Same mounting foot. Would require some fettling with spacers and pulleys (the shaft is larger diameter than for the Suzuki). The Nastra was popular with the Samurai offroad community. I’m using it with the AC installation to provide a little margin.

jaguar alternators

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I’ll have to look into one of those. They might fit pretty well.

I decided to go with the WOSP Dynator- it’s a Denso based alternator and puts out a respectable 50 amps. Quite a bit cheaper and more amps than the Dynalite. Got it from Terry’s Jag, and it arrived 2 days later. Can’t wait to get it in.


Very interested how this works out…Been considering this swap on my 64’ also. Jeff S.

You’ll probably need to adjust the spacers to get the belt aligned