1969 XKE Engine Block Heater Plug

Hi All,
I had a head stud break and had to remove the core plug. Unfortunately it was the 3rd stud from the front of the engine on the passenger side and the core plug was replaced with a large hex plug. After some digging around it seems it is a plug used in warmer climates where an engine block heater is not needed.
The plug broke when I was removing it so was wondering what my options are for replacement or what the normal course of action is when this part needs replacing ?

Does anyone know what thread this part has. I was in England last week and took it to a plumbing suppliers to see if I could get something that worked, but they said it was not a standard plumbing thread.


Jay, this has come up before; below is one example thread. I replaced my plug, but it was when the replacements were available. I have, sitting in front of me, the adapter bushing whose ID is 1 Inch NPT, to accept a common block heater element, and whose OD is close to 1 1/4 inch BSPP or NPS (there are only four threads on it, so the pitch difference between 11 and 11.5 is negligible). The actual OD of the threads is 1.744, which doesn’t seem to match anything exactly AFAIK.

The thread was for a heater manufactured by the Bray heater company, who were based in Leeds, Yorkshire. I think the company may still exist.

Thanks for the measurements, I found the following on McMaster-Carr site which look like they will both be suitable replacements. I think I may try the BSPP version as it has a washer and looks more like the original.

BSPP 1 1/4: https://www.mcmaster.com/4936k884
NPS 1 1/4: https://www.mcmaster.com/44605k664


The plug uses a thick copper, flat ‘O-ring’ seal. The part number for the plug is: C32276. https://www.jaguarclassicparts.com/uk/part/C32276 You can also try Welshent.com they use the part number: C-32276. The plug is the same for the XJ6 as for the 69 E-type. They aren’t expensive. If you are able to get the plug, you can make a copper or aluminium seal ring for it if needed.

Make sure to slather the threads in No-Seez.