1985 XJ, washer fluid bottle leaking

Hello to all,
I have a leaking washer fluid bottle/tank. Does anyone know how to take the bolt off? I can’t seem to find the nut. The bolt just spins.

Does the bolt pass through to the wheel well? If so there’s a nut on the other side, half inch. Under half an inch of undercoating…

It’s hard to tell if there is a nut for the tank. I took off all the nuts that hold the carbon canister but no luck.

I could be wrong. This is all the drawings show:

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Does that match up? (The pictures, not the text)

Thanks Davidsxj6! Doesn’t seem to have a nut so probably my bolt is stripped.

Jaguar used few different kinds of windscreen washer fluid reservoirs in the Series III saloons. Does your reservoir look like the one that is in my former Antelope 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas ( the first picture) or the one my former Black 1987 XJ6 Vanden Plas (the second picture) ? The changeover point was 1985 so you might have either kind.

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Paul, the tank looks like the second picture. My tank definitely has a bolt through the middle as Davidsxj’s diagram.

OK, then as David correctly points out the nut to that bolt that holds the reservoir in place is located in the left wheel well probably covered with undercoating.


Thanks Paul. I will look.
Also, I sent you a message regarding your seat bottoms in the classified section.

Been there - but all I remember was struggled mightily to remove and refit that tank - and that I got horribly wet…:). It was a very long bolt, difficult to line up - but might be held by a captive nut, no longer captive in your case… ?

The leak may just be a faulty gasket on the pump motor(s) - the tank should be well protected by the wheel well liner, and is very solid…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Thanks for the info Frank. May I burden you with where I could purchase the pump gasket?

If there is a hole in the plastic, I wonder if the wonder tape that fixes any leak as advertised on Tv might help.

The plastic tank on my Jeeo has sprung a leak. Gasket or plastic failure. it has a “pesky” low water sensor!!!


The usual parts supplier are frequently mentioned on the list - it depends a bit on where you are. New Zealand may not be the most convenient…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

It’s fairly thick plastic, Carl - a bit of melting may work…?

Anyway, both the source of the leak and the cause is of some pertinence!

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

So I finally found the nut end and the bolt, removed the washer fluid tank, tested tank by filling with water three times. Did not find any leaks. Reinstalled tank, pump and hose.
Next day all the fluid had come out. I think it must be the pump gasket since I could not find any damage to the green hose or the tank. Anyone know where I could get a gasket for the washer fluid pump?

It’s a standard pump so probably also a standard gasket?

Sure thing! Page 2F 07L of my copy of the Jaguar Series III XJ6 Parts Catalogue (RTC9885CF August 1986) has a nice diagram of the Washer Fluid Reservoir along with the associated parts and their part numbers. The part number for the “Grommet” that provides the seal between the pump and and reservoir is “BAU2043”. I recommend that you search the internet for “Jaguar BAU2043” and you will find some possible sources.
I have found the having a hard copy of the Jaguar Parts Catalogues for my Jaguars handy for solving many little mysteries like this. I got my hard copy on eBay about 20 years ago and it has been worth its weight in gold many times over. My Parts Catalogues have saved me lots of time while researching the correct parts for our Jaguars and undoubtedly lots of money as I can shop around for the correct part number once I know the correct part number.


Thanks Paul for looking it up! I’ll work on getting parts catalog.