30th Anniversary!

Fellow Jag-lovers, have you noted 2023 is the 30th anniversary of the founding of Jag-lovers? Seems as though we should do something to commemorate that fact being as how it is such an important resource for keeping our beloved Jags on the road. Anyone else feel that way? Ideas?


24 hours after posting this and nothing but




The silence speaks volumes.

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Hi Mike,

I think part of the problem is that you posted it in XJ40. You’ll probably only reach a fraction of the total members.

If you don’t mind, let’s move this discussion to Site Feedback. I’ll post a banner on the site directing everyone’s attention to the thread.

Let’s hear from as many people as possible: What would be your idea for how we can best mark this momentous occasion? And since the summer of 2023 is already upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’ll probably have to be planned for next year, at least for us. So; summer of 2024.



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How about a centrally located Oil Leak?


Congrats to a great place
To another 70 years


I like it, but as a name, not a mission statement.

“Jag-lovers’ 30th: The Great Oil Leak”

It has a certain ring to it.

And therein lies the challenge. We’re a site spanning people from all over the globe. How do we mark this in a way that includes everyone?


Wait… You are the highly paid bossman! :slight_smile:

You have a good point, and I’m going to wager that a large number of the populace here are based in the United States: individual countries, and/or areas could have their own oil leaks. Just an idea!

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When exactly does this anniversary take place? Day and month? That might drive what would be a suitable way to celebrate.

I have no idea. Do you have any suggestions?

I’m looking for ideas here, brainstorming.

Summer? Fall? Midwinter? Early spring?
Online? In-person?
If online: how? What/where?
If in-person: how? Where? One place or many places? And who can organize?

And so on. There are some practical limitations here, such as money, time, and experience in organizing events. And probably more.

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It all depends on which micro-anniversary we want to pin down as the correct one. When the original Jag-lovers mailing list was split off from the SOL (Scions of Lucas) mailing list, when it moved from Australia to Norway, when the first website was started etc. I think it’s ok to just say that we’re at roughly the 30th anniversary now, but yes, we could set a date for clarity and to provide a goal.


Only thing I can think is to publicize the 30 years fact as much as possible.

The Great Oil Leak has a certain ring to it alright, but we want to make Classic Jaguars sound like the best cars on the world, which they are…!

Perhaps a virtual 30th Commemorative Oil Leak is conducted around the world, where a date is picked and everyone here goes for a nice drive in their area, alone or in the company of other Jaguars, and then shares pics and experiences on a thread to immortalize the event?


That would be about less than 10 for me going on the number of posters on regularly :smile_cat:

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Start a YouTube channel that also promotes the forum, or at LEAST an episode that talks about the Granddad of all Jaguar Forums’ history. Perhaps see if you can get known Jaguar Names and Faces to participate (maybe a live event). Give away NFT Jaguar artwork (IDK spit balling) as participation trophies.

The problem is of course that’s all “work”… BRING BACK THE KRIBY!..
Gather the Jaguar Youtubers!

But at the same time, leveraging new knowledge distribution channels may re-market the forum as it has gone a bit quiet lately. And I think that’s due to Facebook. But there is NOTHING that can EVER replace a forum for the depth of archived knowledge. Facebook can never do that.

So… if I come up with more I’ll re-post more ideas… but for now… the thought is something audio-visual and YouTube (let it auto-translate for you) seems like another way to reach / interact with a world wide audience. (Minus China, but even Russia -still…)

~Paul K.


The Great Worldwide Oil Leak!

I like it!!!

Jag Lovers.
Three decades.
Crankshaft still leaks.

Official song: While My Crank Seal Gently Weeps


It’s not a leak, it’s the “Anti rust oil mister” for the undercarriage.
Get your facts straight. Otherwise these cars would of rusted away in 2 years.


Spread the event out over a week or so with “live” events using something like Zoom or whatever is easiest for everyone. Get a bunch of the forum members who would like to participate and have them pull their favorite “thread” or “threads” for presentation/conversation. All sorts of cool things from this - other members that participated in the thread could jump in and join the conversation. Cameras to show the car in question, the workshop, or whatever. By spreading over a week or so, you can have different “live” events for the different timezones, so that everyone gets a chance to attend live sessions. Of course, record everything for posting on the forum.


Get the words Jag-Lovers’ tattooed on our rear ends

The car’s? Or the owner’s?


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