40 pulse vss to 1986 XJ6 speedometer

I have 5.7 LT1 and 4L60e transmission. Larry s electric FI harness. There is a speedo drive wire from the ECU to drive the speedometer. Is there an adapter that will work with the jaguar speedometer? Or is there a GPS drive for this speedometer?

3 options as i see it.

  1. Dakota digital convertor. i used this in my '71 lump for a spell.
    ECD-200BT: Electronic Signal to Mechanical Cable Drive Adaptor
  2. Send to Redline Gauge works to convert your stock speedo to VSS
  3. Send to Redline Gaugeworks to convert to GPS

jaguar -Specialties has a module for insertion between the PCm and the speedo head. I never got around tyo doing that.

I erred and instaled a Dakota digital modue at the VSS wires. not uite good enogh. had i used it in the speedo wire at the PCM, it should have worked.

The Jaguar Specialties speedometer module is your best solution. It was specifically designed to convert the GM LT1 and LS PCM speedo signal to work with the Jaguar speedometers.


Absolutely right. I have on. Not in my car. In a can of speedom stuff. A project i never got around to. Now not like;y.

Hi Carl,
I hope you are doing well! Sorry for the long periods of inactivity. This post is typical of my reason for the lack of motivation to post. The original poster asked his question and received a number of good responses. But then never followed up or even offer a thank you to the guys who did. I admire your dedication!

Thanks, Bob. so many folks helped me in my prpject,icluding you. The S57 Schematic that you shared was so useful.

For my advanced years, i am doing OK. My projects are fewer and of greater simplicxity and needing a lot less muscle. Fixing solar powered yard lights as of now. i made posts from tree branches for a natural look. One is a marer for backing my jeep in to just the right spot in my drive.

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fixed.Victory is sweet.