6 SU carbs looks really interesting

A rare internet opportunity whilst travelling in Northern Assam I see this thread. Can’t add any more than stated before, but 100% definatelyI saw this home made special fitted with a Mark VII engine, a home made inlet manifold with SIX H6 carburetters fitted, sitting derelect in a shed in suburban Melbourne, at a guess one of the inner west or north west suburbs such as Mooney Ponds or Ascot Vale, and definitely in 1971 to 1974 period when I lived in that area…
Can’t add any more, and no pics nor notes at time, just memory from 50 years ago…
But definitely not Sydney, albeit no idea what happened complete car after I saw it…


Hello Mike,

As I said, I think, I have assumed that the set up came from a racing boat but it may well have come from a car. The cams look fairly wild. I will send you a shot. Most unfortunate that the head is gone. I have them sitting on a stripped B series head ATM. I will sit the cams in the head but the external lubrication set up that I saw was very interesting. A copper pipe running along the tops of the cam bearings with brass Tees.


Stephen Green.

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Aren’t those actually 3 x 2 barrel carbs? I say that as they look to have a common throttle shaft, common fuel inlet, and common float bowl.

Still cool as hell.

Edit: I think I was looking at the wrong photo. The carb setup you have is the original post photo, yes?

They are actually 6 separate 1 1/2 inch, (I think?) measuring about 1.6inches at the intake. They are “H” types with jet assembly terminating in a brass cap underneath
and are sitting on a hand made chromed manifold with a 3+3 throttle connection, all to fit an A or B head. There are some welded-over holes in the manifold. Could they be MGA? Midel, one of our local SU parts people has a shot as I mentioned earlier, on their web site of a Riley 6 (Kestrel?) engine with 6 SUs …probably 1930s, and a more professional looking arrangement. Roger, I wonder how many of this sort of thing was put together in the 50s. It seems like a good chance it’s the same one but…we may never know…anyway…cool. Still promising a better photo…soon.