'76 XJS re commission

I have recently purchased a very early 76 XJS and am working through the recommission. It has a massively noisy fuel pump , this is the canister type mounted in a rubber scarf. I take it its probably U/S as they are sealed units from what I can see. Car has been standing about 25 years and it may just need replacing. Who makes the best value/OEM type out there guys? Any pointers in the UK where and what to buy? Auction site has loads but no idea if they are any good or not.
Also, is there an easy way to detect a faulty injector? I have a stethoscope someone told me that you can detect it working or not ?
Would appreciate any advice . thanks Andrew , KENT , UK

You may want to clean the sump filter and replace the fuel filter before you condemn the fuel pump; if the suction side is restricted it will cavitate and be noisy.

Ah, ok thats useful thank you. When you say the sump filter, do you mean the surge tank? Of course, I just filled it with half a tank of fuel so have to drain all that out now! thanks Andrew

Yes the one in the surge tank.

thanks Robert. I will get stuck into this during the week. I guess its possible to drain the hole fuel tank through the surge tank drain? Anyway, I appreciate the ideas and will report back . thanks

My guess would be to inspect the tank inside first.
If there is any sign of dirt or rust, the fuel system is compromised.
Then you should go down the line inspecting and replacing where indicated.
Fixing the fuel injectors with a contaminated fuel system will be foolhardy.
That is how the fuel system works and the only way to proceed.
In the US, most of the available replacements are Bosch.
A stethoscope will only tell you if the injection part of it is moving.
Debris or any fault down the line will not be detected.

thanks, it does seem that I need to drain it right down, remove the sender unit and have a look inside the tank. As you say, its wasted time and money to try to get it running well with a contaminated fuel supply. Other than the tank, surge sump, filter within, is there anything else that likely to be dirty other than the injectors? Not being fully familiar with the fuel system on a fuel injection V12. I have a series carburettor XJ12 which does appear a lot more simple to understand!

As a long time owner of an early XJ-S I can say you’re taking on a big job. Is there some reason you chose this particular car? If not, you might want to look for a later model.

OTOH, if you do stick with it you may find my website useful. Pertaining indirectly to you current question, see my write-up on fuel tank issues.


Easiest way to drain is to disconnect a fuel line, direct it into a container, and hotwire the fuel pump. That’s if the fuel pump runs at all, obviously.

I did manage to rebuild a canister pump. It’s basically unfold the aluminum around the edge and slide the innards out. The problem is the O-ring; if you can’t reuse it, finding a new one might be difficult.

There’s a couple of tips in my Book. One is that you might want to add a positive stop to ensure that the entire pump doesn’t rotate in the housing. Second, there is a small capsule in there that serves as a damper to reduce cavitation; don’t lose it, and make sure it gets back in.

If you decide to replace, all you need is a pump that is rated for 300 hp and 35 psi. Bosch makes a “turbine” pump that is roughly the same size and shape as the original pump but is supposedly more efficient than the roller pump.

Robert, Kirbert and Ed are the resident experts here for anything PRE-facelift.
I’m sure they will have written about how tatty the fuel system hoses can be.
You will probably need to replace all your hoses depending on how old they are.
Did you say it hasn’t run in 20 years?
All the best of luck,

That sump tank is definitely going to be full of debris. You can buy kits online to refurbish it. I’ve done mine myself. Three step process. Very easy unless you have a hole. The main fuel tank may need refurbished too. Here in the US there are numerous companies that refurbish fuels tanks for a reasonable cost.

hi . Yes I chose this car because its rot free, a rarity in the UK and a very early car. It will be more valuable than an normal mid date range car. I buy my cars as a collector not to use every day as such. Its like buying an early 3.8 E type. Purity of design etc etc. Not the prettiest XJS, but always liked the rubber bumper pre HE cars. I will take a look at your website thanks.

thank you for the information. What is your booked called please?

Thank you Steve. It is running, as it was recommissioned to some extent by the dealer who sold me the car. As is often the case, however, its not been as thoroughly gone through as I had hoped. I had the car up on ramps and it really is totally rot free. It was owned by a well known race owner called Rob Beck in period. He bought it new and painted it his race team colour which needs to be reversed as well. but he knew his Jaguars and fully protected it with Dinitrol rust protection from new. He owned a well known racing E type called the Egal raced by the late Barrie Whizzo Williams. The car has some more than average interest. It was allegedly stored in the owners house in Spain after he passed away and hence its excellent boy condition.

Can’t decide which is nicer? The car or the place that houses it. Super describes each.

And, I agree, the provenance is a major factor in choice as to the recommmision…

Kudos for under taking it


Wow, stunning car.
Now I think that there needs to be an appraisal.
If the racing history is important, it might be less expensive to do.
First thing I* would do is find the racing log book.
A period restoration will get you into Goodwood.
If you don’t need it as a driver, that would be a bit of history.

hi thanks . The race history was not with this car, this XJS was the race team owners road car. Not sure a 1976 would get into Goodwood anyway, perhaps on the Members meeting but everything else is pre 1966 still.

yes the “garage” is actually developed to be converted at some stage into a house! At the moment it houses my cars.

Nahh…who needs a house ?


Just for your info i eliminated my surge tank and put a fuel filter in that position and no problems.