Boot lid hinge springs

Has anybody put new springs on the boot lid hinge? If so I did you do it?

There is a very good video on youtube (57) Jaguar E Type Series II Rebuild - 2022-01-08 - Trunk Spring Hinge Assembly - YouTube that lays it all out.

See if that helps.

Jaguar XKE Trunk Springs Replacement - E-Type - Jag-lovers Forums

This document is from one of the best sources on E-Types.
Replacing Trunk Springs By @Dick Maury

Replacing Trunk Springs.pdf (613.8 KB)

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Too late by about 12 Seconds – I had to convert my copy from Word to a PDF file

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Carefully, read the Forum and wear heavy gloves.

I’ve never d a OTS so I’ve never had to mess with the hinge springs, but having read the posts I think I’d wear eye protection as well.

If you have the patience put 6 springs on per side instead of 5. The springs can lose some “spring” over time (i.e. 2-3 years.) If you have a bootlid luggage rack put 7 on.

I have the luggage rack and put 6 on - worked perfectly for the 1st 2 years - I could move the lid to any position and it would stay there, which I thought cool. But around the 3rd year it started to drop depending on the angle (still don’t need a prop rod to hold it open or anything like that though.)



+1 on the 6 springs. I found it has more pop that way even from day 1.

Note: I advise you to carefully mark the area where the attachments on the lid and inside of the boot layout. I didn’t mark mine well enough when I did mine, and spent a few hours with my son re-aligning the lid to sit flush…

Easy… like juggling razor blades.

X3 on adding an extra on each side.

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No pain, no gain. I have virtually no feel or finesse with gloves on. Scars are kind of a badge of glory. Each to their own. Needle nose vise grips make the springs easier to handle. They are to strong and sharp to try bending back with your fingers.

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