Building Realm C type

Hi All…Im based in the UK…My way in to Jag replicas was a Realm C type…grp body and a very nice tubular chassis…useing an early XJ6 as a doner car…and a recognised way to register it correctly…just a couple of photos …chassis is upside down ready to fit the ali floors…collection day of body and chassis


That looks like a fun project - I’m jealous. I have a question about the design of the chassis design. On the front suspension, it looks like the vertical loads which are carried up through the coilovers (yellow in the photo below) are then all translated into the small C-channel (red) which then acts like a moment arm translating these into the welded joint (blue).

If this is all correct, that seems it would place enormous stresses on the weld joint, especially the bottom part of the joint which would be in tension. Is there something else going on there that isn’t seen?

Hi Jeffrey…yes a really fun project. …the weld where you circled in blue isnt a C section but a box section as can be seen in the photo above of the upside down chassis…I know nothing about structual chassis design but this chassis gets very good reports from some well respected people…I know one example thats done 25k very hard miles with quite a bit if track use…i havnt heard of a failure…Yet…Steve

Thanks Steve, and good to hear of the frame’s reputation. Good luck with the project, and please keep us informed as you go. With lots of pics, of course!