Can I put a fuel injected head on my '60 3.8

My head is bad. The lower end is good. I would like fuel injection and a better combustion chamber. Will a later EFI head fit on my Mark 9 3.8? If so, which one?

The XK heads can all be swapped and the post-78 EFI heads have the biggest inlet valves & ports. US ones have air-injection drillings but these can be plugged.

You will need to block the two extra water passages off at the back and I’d recommend a composite 3.8 one.

Excellent. I was looking at previous posts. I have a stock LHD Mk9 3.8 w/ 9:1 compression. The other things I guess would be welding in bungs for the O2 sensors, getting a computer that matches and intake. I heard the tach transducer does not fit on the back of the passenger side cam. What else do I need to know and get? I want the torque and MPG and reliability. Not lookin for max HP. Not gonna race her, just cruise mostly around town, maybe several hours on the highway. I already put a pusher fan ahead of the radiator that stops overheating.

Where there is a will , I made my XJ6 Engine look like a 340 , put tacho drive on the back of the cam !!

I think the Mk9 was a B head, so the intake manifold will not match up without mods.

Where planning on using injection, or a newer intake?


You took the words right outta my puter!

I figured clever machine work could make that mod.

nice mod. I want to use EFI, so I need advice on what year and model; intake manifold, computer, mass airflow sensor, throttle position sensor, O2 type, etc. Also would like to improve ignition.

has anyone put an EFI head on a '60 Mk9 3.8? Can you point me to the conversion?

@residentalien, have you done that?

Searching turned this up…