Car lifting for minor servicing

Anyone have any suggestions with regard to lifting an E type say 20 inches off the floor so I can get underneath it to do minor servicing? I would love to install a 4 post lift in my garage but (a)it would be a tight fit and (b) they don’t deliver to your address so you have to pick it up at a depot which mean having a vehicle that you can load it on.

Cribbing is a time-honored way of raising heavy loads (the Egyptians and Romans used it):

They can be done in building block sections for staged lifting:

Can use jack stands at one end and cribbing at the other for a very stable arrangement:

Note: Those wood blocks under the front hubs just keep the front suspension from drooping.

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Ok Stuart they are going to come and burn down my house for saying this, but you can jack it, with a floor jack, under the torsion bar reaction tie plate. I was shown this by Ed Grayson a very experienced Jaguar mechanic from Portland, and used to do it routinely, before my hoist came. The full front of the car will come up. You can support the front with jack stands in the front under the big front blocks that the lower control goes through. Be careful jacking up the back as your jack has to move backwards as the car goes up.

I’ve put mine up on four jack stands. It’s not difficult but it can be time consuming. I recently bought these ramps.

They make it a lot easier to quickly get under the front of the car. The only draw back is you need to crawl under from the front of the car. There just isn’t any space to slide under from the side. They’re also very light so you can easily store them out of the way.

Nice looking car :+1: good job

That’s good Terry, I won’t burn your house down. Must be a low floor jack
I’ve always just jacked the car by the picture frame (oak block) at the front and the tie plate at the rear cribbing or stands as required and ya it’s a Pita

Hey George…. Don’t the spark plugs go in the motor? Or is it some new fangled ignition system

Geo really wanted a 12.


It’s a wasted spark system …you guys are funny :laughing: any little chink in the armour

Hi Stuart,

I faced a similar situation many years ago, compounded by a severe case of positional vertigo which prevents me from working on my back for very long. My solution was a HF scissor lift. It takes the car up around 3 feet, which is plenty if you have 8´ ceilings. For the extra freight charge (about $30 or so), it was delivered to my driveway and easy to get into the garage. If I remember correctly, it was around $800. I did have to “fiddle” with it a bit, including getting HF to send me a small replacement part, but it has been extremely useful. Obviously, it has drawbacks but I use it frequently and would highly recommend it for situations where a proper lift isn’t possible. Perhaps I should mention that it does require a 240v power source, which I had to have installed.

Hey Geo, what kind of flooring is that? Very nice, not to distract from your gorgeous car.

Skip (´68, S 1.5, 2+2)

Just a typical epoxy with color chips installed by a local firm. I was there as he walked the wet epoxy in old golf shoes (leave no footprints) cranking a waist-mounted Scott’s seed broadcaster to distribute the chips.

You can tell when you’re watching a pro at work

It is a nice looking car, and it has cruise control which makes me very jealous.