CD changer replacement - 2020 style!

If you have a 40 fitted with a stock CD changer, or a radio that has the CD option with the DIN plug in the trunk, looks like there’s a cool way to fix a buggered up Alpine changer. (If you don’t mind listening to mp3’s)

  1. Disconnect and unmount duff changer.
  2. Chuck it out
  3. Pick up a Chinese M-bus CD changer adapter with the various SD, Usb and phone inputs
  4. Load up a usb or whatever with 6 folders containing a cd each (could be 1000’s more of course)
  5. Plug usb stick into adapter
  6. Plug alpine M-bus DIN cable in trunk into adapter
  7. Use changer controls in car unit normally

I knew it had to happen eventually …

I just bought this one:

Anyone else tried this yet?