CD changer replacement - 2020 style!

If you have a 40 fitted with a stock CD changer, or a radio that has the CD option with the DIN plug in the trunk, looks like there’s a cool way to fix a buggered up Alpine changer. (If you don’t mind listening to mp3’s)

  1. Disconnect and unmount duff changer.
  2. Chuck it out
  3. Pick up a Chinese M-bus CD changer adapter with the various SD, Usb and phone inputs
  4. Load up a usb or whatever with 6 folders containing a cd each (could be 1000’s more of course)
  5. Plug usb stick into adapter
  6. Plug alpine M-bus DIN cable in trunk into adapter
  7. Use changer controls in car unit normally

I knew it had to happen eventually …

I just bought this one:

Anyone else tried this yet?

Good news, arrived in the mail today, works perfectly, just plug it in load it up with six folders full of songs and you’d never know you didn’t have a cd changer in the trunk.

Excellent invention for XJ40’s and 1994 and earlier XJS cars, works right out of the box. Ten stars!

Thanks Larry for taking the time and finding this option. I’m glad it works and it’s that simple.

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