Changing my Profile Name?

I’d like to change my profile name. I no longer own a TR4 so I am on the Jaguar forum almost exclusively.


Perhaps I didn’t explain myself properly. My full name is already in my Profile. I would like to change my TR4Mark user name to something more appropriate since I no longer own a TR4.


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Same place.


Tap on your avatar, top right.
On the right hand side there is a list of actions, at the bottom their is a head and shoulders icon tap on this ands then go to preferences.

You can change your actual name but I can’t select or otherwise change my user name -TR4Mark
Maybe because I’m on a tablet?

What would you like it to be? Maybe only admins can change it?

I am “TheMadBadger” on the E-type UK forum. That will do.

Robin. I know where to go but that didn‘t allow @TheMadBadger to change his name.

Thank you!