Changing my Profile Name?

I’d like to change my profile name. I no longer own a TR4 so I am on the Jaguar forum almost exclusively.


Perhaps I didn’t explain myself properly. My full name is already in my Profile. I would like to change my TR4Mark user name to something more appropriate since I no longer own a TR4.


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Same place.


Tap on your avatar, top right.
On the right hand side there is a list of actions, at the bottom their is a head and shoulders icon tap on this ands then go to preferences.

You can change your actual name but I can’t select or otherwise change my user name -TR4Mark
Maybe because I’m on a tablet?

What would you like it to be? Maybe only admins can change it?

I am “TheMadBadger” on the E-type UK forum. That will do.

Robin. I know where to go but that didn‘t allow @TheMadBadger to change his name.

Thank you!

On my phone – – which is the only way I access JL – I notice that there are other functionalites that I can no longer access.

That’s interesting. Like what?

I spent quite a few minutes, looking for the blocking feature, and although it used to be available on my phone, I now no longer see it.

  • Tap your avatar, then the Head & Shoulders icon, then Preferences.
  • Tap the cog wheel (on the right).
  • Swipe the sub-menu/tabs until you see Users, then tap that.

That was one. What else?

Paul, touch the head and shoulders, then Preferences, then scroll that thin menu line to the left until Users appears, then touch it. That is what you are referring to (I think).

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I am not finding that anywhere.

I see the cog, but underneath it, I do not see anything that says, “users.”

EDIT: finally saw it, way ‘off the screen.’


Thanks, Jerry: that was the tip I needed.