Dash control questions

Hi all
I am getting ready to re install my Dash and have come across a coupler of things that I need to ask
One; How does the knob for the hand throttle connect to the cable for for operation ? I don’t see how it interlocks to the chrome knob

Two, I have lost the connection at the dash for the heater hot cold operation, what does it look like and has anybody made one or got a spare ?

Three; The Rheostat is duff for the speed of the heater, could I replace the Rheostat part on the control with another one out of another unit making sure its a heater control one rather than a dash light brightness controller ?

There are answers to this on the Forum.
This is one of the previous.


Here is the assembly for the knob control. If you don’t have all these parts you are up the creek without a paddle…or a canoe.

The way it works is the cable has a big blob on the end as yours shows. This is the anti-pull out system. The knob is hollow and screwed down until it contacts the blob then backed off a bit for the cable to be free. The collar nut is then tightened to lock it. You’ll notice the ball in the transverse hole, this is an interference device to hold the knob assembly to wherever you set it. The hole has a reduced diameter on one side so that it won’t fall through. The threaded sleeve mounts in the dashboard and has four grooves that the ball clicks into for holding the setting.

The other end of the cable needs a few simple bits and a floating throttle lever but that’s another story for another day.

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Thanks Pete
I have all the parts, I just could not figure out how it was all put together to make it work, and rather than spend a couple of hours trying to figure it out thought I would post to see if some one knew, so thank you