Delanair MK II Climate Control Dealer Training manual

It took me some time but eventually I managed to source a copy of official Jaguar Delanair MK II Climate Control Dealer Training manual. Makes your life a lot easier when diagnosing various malfunctions of climate control system :wink:
Delanair MK II Climate Control was used o pre-HE XJS and on early HE XJS up until ~87 I think.


Thank you! PM sent…

Hi John,

A pdf of the Jaguar Delanair MK II Climate Control Dealer Training
manual would be useful please.


Jim Brighton UK

1984 XJSC 3.6L manual


I just sent you a PM with my email address. Thank you, this manual will come in handy.


Paul M. Novak

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Awesome! Many thanks!

Fantastik !
Just sent you a PM.


I have the MKIII manual in .pdf but not the MKII.

I’ll send a PM. Let me know if anyone needs the MKIII introduced in 1987.


Yes, that would be of great interest to me!

Thank you,

Bob Duddy

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Send me a Private Message with your email address and I will attach some tech guides to my reply.



Indeed, I sure would like one. I tried to see how to do a PM. No luck!!!

Carl., thank you!

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Hi John,
A PDF of the training manual would be fab. Thanks.

I’d love a copy of the a/c system manual
Rick True

Me too.

Thank you

Here is more MKII info.

AC Schematics-mk2 Delanair.pdf (392.7 KB)

Thank you JOHN for the training guide!!


Did everybody that requested MKIII info get it??


I did. many thanks.


I did too, thanks very much

Yes thank you.


Thank you for the info