Distributor issues (2)

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greetings. here are some pics of my pickup arm regarding my question a few days ago. I’ve referenced the part number in several different places…extinct. I fail to believe this, I need more places to look, please. I have a '74 XJ12 series II, carbureted. I’m also curious…carbureted and fuel injected engines use the same distributor?

No reason that I know of that you couldn’t install the Lucas CEI system complete from an ‘82 to mid ‘89 XJ-S. Distributor, coils, and amplifier are a stand alone system. Only thing needed is a switched 12v feed.


switched 12v feed? are you saying positive ground? I’ve recently replaced the ignition amplifier and pickup. the previous one was dated 1984.

switched 12v feed? are you saying positive ground, or just switch the wires? I’ve recently replaced the ignition amplifier and pickup. the previous one was dated 1984.

That looks like a Bakelite part, and could also be drawn up in Fusion for 3D printing. But there may be an alt:

JS397 appears to be an alt number

~Paul K

Switched on and off by the key or a relay.

By switched feed I mean a +12v that is controlled by the ignition switch. The Lucas CEI is only negative ground and will be fine on any V12 as none were built with positive ground.

well, it took me a year of searching to find this piece…I knew they weren’t extinct, despite what everyone was telling me…anyway, as I said last year, I replaced the electronic ignition system, and that’s what created my dilemma in the first place. I can’t get the car to fire still, so I went back to mechanics 101…checked power to the fuel pumps and the ignition…both are good. then I set the crank at 10 degrees retard, according to my bible. then I went up top, loosened the vernier screw and set the mark in the middle of the scale, again, according to my bible. my current problem is trying to set the pickup, but I’m in a “catch 22” I need the plate to set the pickup in the right spot, but can’t but can’t tighten the pickup screws because the plate is over top of them. how do I do this?
I would like to ask if anyone knows where to find a complete drop in distributor?, as I’m getting tired of fighting with this. I’d love nothing more than to take it to a mechanic, but don’t have the funds to do so.

part # JS397 is also a discontinued part. I found my part (original part #) at British vacuum units…very knowledgeable person. tremendous help.