Donation Made No Recognition

Hi Anyone I recently made a donation but thee has been no recognition I have been a member for years but recently have had a new email address I am now considered a newby How can I rectify this I need to get rid of old email and make sure the new one is active Thanks Mike Smith

I have had the same when I donated.

I’ve moved this to the site feedback.

Where is that Y0u have been around the site for years but I find it not easy to navigate

Just click on the three bars top right (at least on my iPad and that brings up all the forums.
Or click on the jag lovers logo top left and then categories.
I moved it so that it should trigger an admin to look at it.

Regarding donations made with Paypal:

Regarding the new email etc problem I need more info. We have 4 DrMikes in the database. If you have created a new user instead of using your original user this can be fixed with some work, but again, more info required.

…and thank you for the donation!


I donated to Jag-Lovers via Paypal in October 2022. Does Jag-Lovers have any followup on say a years interval, about a further donation?

Hi John,

Thank you for donating!

Unfortunately, no. That’s one of the reasons we prefer people use


I guess that I am, as usual, an outlier: I really don’t give a flip if I get any acknowledgment for any donation I make to JL. I don’t need my ego stroked, I’m just happy to chip in what I can, when I can.

I understand your indifference I have been a member for quite a number of years, but changing my email address resulted in me getting new member emails so I felt I was back in kindergarten I don’t think doners want recogntion However if one makes a donation its nice to know that its gone in the right direction and not into the ether.

DrMike, as I said further up, DM or email the details of your former account and I can fix it.

Thanks Nick I may have a problem wit that as I seem to te remember my user name had something of my wife’s name in it and my email was different and the password was a combination of letters and numerals I will see if I can find the details but am not inclined to think that will be a success


I’ve sent you a DM, Mike.

This is more promising as an email mike

I agree with Wiggie. A note saying “We got your donation, thanks” would be nice, but I know it went through when I see it on the charge statement.

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Thanks for the reminder! I just made my contribution.