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Looking for a Jack for my coupe.

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Hello Karl,

You might try Tom Buckus at tbuckus@comcast.net. He got me a nice refurbished S2 jack a couple years ago.He is the renowned tool guy, you can read about him in the archives. Good luck!

Thanks for the tip John, what did It cost you? If you don’t mind me asking?

$565 looks and functions like new with the ratcheting handle. I had an original bag. I rationalized the purchase five different ways, and it was before I got waist deep in my r&r. I almost bought an S2 tool kit as well, but since they were optional, I was able to talk myself out of it. I believe s2s came with the jack, spinner wrench, plug wrench and tommy bar.
Anything you get from Tom will be accurate and first rate.

You could always have @John_Walker make you one of his –excellent-and far stronger!!-- repro jacks!

I bought the jack Clive was offering a few months ago. A bit rough but it cleaned up nicely. The one I made, pictured below, is much more robust.

Original early Series I jack I restored. Different than a later jack in that the handle is fixed to the screw shaft. The early hjacks were also a darker color.

Looks like a nice piece of work John! I’m impressed! Were you once in the trades? I’m currently bidding on one . The auction ends in a couple days. I have the ratchet handle, the only tool that survived. Do you make these to order?
Or for cigars and scotch?

Thanks Karl, I appreciate the kind words. I spent my adult years in procurement, riding a desk. I inherited a decent MIG welder and was looking for something to do in February. So, I decided to fabricate a jack that kind of looks like an original. It’s all heavier material than the original, so it’s the one I carry in the car.

I thought about offering to make them on request but in order to make it worth my while, but the price and my time investment would be excessive. And it would turn a fun project into a job; I’m not looking for a job. And then there is the whole legal liability issue. One litigious guy mashes his thumb using one and I’m broke and homeless.

Sad, that that is the world in which we live: has stopped a buncha side projects of mine dead in their nascent tracks.

I completely understand. That’s why I made the cigars and scotch comment. A lot of different metal stocks, and components. Aren’t mig welders great. A little practice, and presto!

I got competent on a HF flux wire welder. I was told if I could weld decently with that I’d do really good on a MIG. The person who told me that was correct.

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Got my first MIG in the early 80s --and it still works!

Not sure how I ever got by w/o one.

Hf flux… yep, that will test Your metal…

See photo of the complete Tool Kit as supplied to USA Market cars from 1968MY late Series 1 onwards, including Series 2. USA cars no longer got a Tool Roll/Kit, but did at least get the Spark Plug Box Spanner and long Tommy Bar that was included in the Tool Roll/Kit of all non-USA market cars.

Note that this Jack with sqaure-shaped Lifting Pad suits FHC and OTS only - a different Jack was supplied to 2+2 models. Note small square drive at end of main drive-screw, that suits the separate ratchet handle. Earlier E-types had an integral ratchet handle, attached direct on end of drive screw. Note paint colour - with very minor shade variations, unchanged across all Series 1 and Series 2 Jacks.
The Bronze Hub-Nut spanner and Lead Hammer were only supplied to cars with wire wheels, the overwhelming majority, but if car was fitted with turbo-disc wheels it got a Wheel Brace and Hub-Cap tool instead.

Everything was stowed inside the pictured Container. All items shown are ORIGINAL, and nothing restored nor repainted, albeit the Hammer is NOS that has never been used, given they bruise and distort easily.

See below photo, shows the lifting pad on a 2+2 Jack.

And another photo below, showing a close up of the exposed square drive as on all post 1968MY Series 1, and all Series 2 Jacks…

Note again, the original paint colour of the Jack in all three photos provided - always a grey-blue colour best exactly matched from an original, but if you don’t have access a good match is RAL7031 Blue-Grey (from the RAL colour matching chips - similar to the Pantone chip system)

Thanks Roger, I now have Jack envy… I didn’t know I cared until this week. I have the bronze tool, and the ratchet in that color.

Hi John, I think you are on the road in a rainstorm somewhere, but if you are looking at your phone occasionally, could you look at this Jack, and see if a piece is missing?

Thanks Karl

So that he is notified: @John_Walker

Thanks Paul, I’m afraid I’m only marginally computer proficient…

Bidding closed so I couldn’t get a good look. A good resource for Metallifacture jack information:


On the Cortina jack - it is missing the rear endplate which limits the screw drive travel. Since it is missing, it produces the strange initial pict through #4 that you see.