E-Type primer in text

One of our British car club’s members has boiled down the history of the E-Type. We’re planning this years’ show to feature the E-Type for it’s 60th year.

Could anyone interested have a look and respond with errors and omissions? Not too nit-picky, this is for the unwashed masses. Thanks.

Series I 1961-68

3.8 1961-64

4.2 1964-68

OTS Wheelbase 96.0

FHC Wheelbase 96.0

2+2 Wheelbase 105.0

2+2 1966 upright windscreen

2+2 1967 raked windscreen

Series 1.25

1967 No Lens covers; 14.3 mm headlights

Series 1.5

1967-68 No Lens covers; 16.0 mm headlights

Series II 1968-71 tail lights below the bumper

OTS Wheelbase 96.0

FHC Wheelbase 96.0

2+2 Wheelbase 105.0

Series III 1971-74

V-12, Flared wheel arches

OTS Wheelbase 105.0

FHC Discontinued

2+2 Wheelbase 105.0 1971-73

Automatic transmission only offered on long wheelbase models; the Borg Warner Muncie BW12 3 speed automatic.


1 Series I OTS Outside Latch or Flat Floor $149,000 Good

2 Series I OTS 4.2 $85,000 1966

5 Series I OTS 3.8 $74,800 1961

6 Series 1.25/1.5 OTS $73,200 1967

8 Series II OTS $67,700 1969

9eries III OTS $62,000 1971


3 Series I FHC $83,200 Flat Floor 3.8

4 Series I FHC $79,400 4.2

7 Series 1.25/1.5 FHC $72,400 4.2

10 Series II FHC $60,400 4.2


13 Series I 2+2 $38,200 4.2

11 Series 1.25/1.5 2+2 $47,900 4.2

14 Series II 2+2 $38,400 4.2

12 Series III 2+2 $43,000 5.3


3.8 265 HP 260 Lb-Ft

4.2 265 HP 283 Lb-Ft 10.5 lbs/hp

FHC 2900 Lbs Ht: 48.2 In

Roadster 2770 Lbs Ht: 46.5 In

2+2 3090 Lbs Ht: 50.2 In


5.3 314 HP 349 Lb-Ft

Roadster 2770 Lbs Ht: 48.1 In

2+2 3090 Lbs Ht: 48.9 In 9.8 lbs/hp

Cut that by 2/3, and it’s unwashed-masses ready!

I didn’t understand the dollar figures and the leading digit on each line - are those auction results? If so they may be out of date and anyway a small sample means almost nothing.

Weight and horsepower may have people glazing over as they read through it.

A stat you might consider adding is the number built in each category.

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This is waaaaay more info than you need for your show / audience, but while supporting the US forces in AFG fof more years than I care to remember, I had some time on my hands and access to the Web.

Hope it helps someone somewhere

Jaguar Production Timeline.pdf (455.3 KB)

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What is your club? Where will the event be located? and When?

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"1967 No Lens covers; 14.3 mm headlights

1967-68 No Lens covers; 16.0 mm headlights"

Tiny headlamps?

Unless there’s a prize for some trivia contest, that’s all you’d need.

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I’m also confused by the formatting. Were you trying to create a table? If so, here is a tutorial on how to do it in Discourse (the software platform this forum is based on). It’s clunky, but works: Create a table using markdown on your Discourse forum - tips & tricks - Discourse Meta

column 1 column 2 column 3
entry 1 entry 2 entry 3

Hope this helps.

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Nope, the Ser 1A aka Ser 1.5 2+2 had the same windscreen as Series 1 2+2.

The larger windscreen was used on Series 2 (1968-1971) and Series 3 2+2’s (and Ser 3 OTS) 1971-1974 and always goes hand in hand with TWO windscreen wipers instead of THREE and also with the extension piece on the dash and windscreen washer nozzle on the middle of the bonnett (hood) instead of two nozzles on the scuttle.


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Thanks. I’ll pass this to him.

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September 25, 2021 (Covid allowing)
Mills River Brewery, Mills River, NC. (4 miles from Asheville airport.

This is about 5 miles from my house… happy Mitch.

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I do not believe there was any difference in headlight size between the open-headlight-variant Series 1 cars.


Yea, I think he’s just gathering info. We’ll boil it down to a digestible hand-out.

So far, we have located 18+ E-Types in the area (we have 8 in our club alone). We’re hoping to get enough to park in a semi-circle with informative cards at appropriate places.

We’ve had as many as 5 on our Saturday drives. This blows by-standers minds.

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My point is that 14.3 and 16 mm are both on the small side as headlights go.

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They do look better in a clowder:

Or my favorite:


On one recent drive. I swear, we didn’t plan this:

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Point taken :sunglasses:. Those would be tiny, indeed. My point is both so-called Series 1.5 and 1.25 cars feature 7” sealed beams.

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No difference at all, at least not in the U. S. During the E-type’s production run the only 12v street legal headlamps available were:

Two 7" sealed beams incorporating both a high and low beam. This is what the E-type used.

Quad headlamp setups incorporating two 5-3/4" high beam sealed beam bulbs and two 5-3/4" low beam sealed beam bulbs. A setup found on many larger domestic cars.

And Rovii!!

On domestic cars the four headlight layout was seen as indicative of a higher level vehicle. Falcons and Chevy IIs got two headlamps, Galaxies and Impalas got four.