Electric power steering for Series 1

series 1 power steering

Any chance you can elaborate on that?


I don’t see any reason to remove the wonderful r&p with its great feedback. The only reason I can see is if you are to big to get in the car with the 40cm standard wheel. Our cars have lovely delicate feedback. Why kill that with a power unit?

Well, the electric power steering systems are adjustable boost, meaning if you want the OEM delicate feedback you can just dial it back to completely off. In fact, I understand some people set up electric power steering with a dial on the dash and leave it completely off at all times except when parallel parking or letting the missus drive the car.

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Here’s the controller involved:

At that point just get a Corolla… :wink:

Is that realistic? I certainly am not familiar with all the power steering systems out there, especially the newer ones. But all the systems I have seen would add mechanism to the system. That is I feel if one turns off the boost, one now must turn the non powered electric motor while steering. I also tend to believe that over the years of all cars having power steering, heavy steering is now interpreted as having “feel.” I do not believe that to be true. IMO steering can be heavy and numb, and it could also be light and have good feel. Also, all the powers steering systems I have noticed have an initial amount of movement when the sensor is activated. When the system is turned off, the movement becomes free play.

Dunno, haven’t driven one myself. The electric power steering unit would seem to add mass to the steering linkage if nothing else. I dunno how they work, though. Perhaps the hot ticket would be to add just a hair of boost, just enough to compensate for the mechanism itself?

There’s another controller box available for just a few bucks more that will vary the steering boost with vehicle speed.

I installed the EZ Power Steering on my S1 years ago and it is wonderful. The unit replaces the steering column and fits under the dash. It is adjustable and is an assist which can be dialed up or down. I needed it to compensate for adding wider tires which make the car a bear to park. I was also able to add a smaller steering wheel which makes access easier than losing 20 pounds.

Do you have pictures? Where does the motor fit?

I was actually thinking one of these systems would be good for concerns related to wear and tear on the big, flexible, original wooden steering wheel…especially if fitted with bigger tires.

Around town, you could dial in a little assistance, and minimize torque on the steering wheel. Then out on the open road, switch it off, and enjoy the car as it was designed to be.

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I bought the adjustable system but I believe that they may now have one that is speed sensitive. I no longer fiddle with the setting.

pictures under the dash and what is visible from the driver’s seat. The motor is attached to the new steering column and uses existing holes from the prior column mount.

That installs quite nicely!

I have a general and odd question, since you’re taking pictures…
Ive never found a photo which shows the steering wheel relative to the dash - fore and aft, NOT the closeness or up and down adjustment. In other words, a picture showing how close to 90 degrees the wheel is relative to the axis of the car. Oddly, this view seems to be never shown. Reason - mine is not perfectly 90 degrees.

None are: full down, perhaps 10 to 15 degrees inclined: full up, perhaps 20 to 25 degrees up, wrt to a longitudinally-level datum.

These are just SWAGS.

I’m not sure I am clear on this - I mean 90 degrees to the main car axis and dash pad, not up and down as it is adjusted. Like Chevy Chevetts (Opels) had the wheel rim at different distances from the dash for crash reasons, apparently.

Electric Power Steering . You could refer to these installations:

As I understand you, it would be determined by the steering column bracket…which of course mounts to the bulkhead… which is perpendicular to the center line. You’ve piqued my curiosity so I’m going to dig one out and see if it squares.
BTW, here is another source for E-type electric power steering setups.


That’s a nice endorsement.
I’ve read that it prevents the column from going all the way up.
Is this correct?