Front bumper 1973 Jaguar XJ6 S1

(Steven Raskind) #1

I have a 1973 XJ6 S1 it has a bumper with the oval ugly over riders. Can this bumper be changed with the previous style 68- 72? Thank you.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #2


I’ve not the slightest. but, back in the day, many of us sought a smooth bumper look, We removed the :guards". USA “speak” for over riders. Inserted bolts with chromed round heads. As “finishers”, in "Brit’ speak…

OTH, some of us added different ones, that “looked” better !!

Alas, the days when bumpers “bumped” is gone…

One can no longer give a friendly push to another to start a reluctant car!!!


(Steven Raskind) #3

Thanks, good Idea. I was just wondering if the mount is the same . I have earlier bumper with brackets , but without getting car in the air it is hard to tell if there isn’t some kind of heavy extension protruding from body. I have fog lights that mount in horn grill which would be hit on overriders that I have , older style is slightly more to outer edge of car.

(Doug) #4

You have to change the bonnet hinges to the earlier type.

(Steven Raskind) #5

Thank you , I guess that solves the mystery.

(RustfreeMike) #6

Hi - I hate to be contradictory here but I have a 73 with earlier bumpers retrofitted as well as 2 72’s to compare. My 73’s hinges (with the earlier bumper) don’t have any differences to the ones on the 72’s. And although it was converted before I got it, the hinges don’t appear to to have been changed. They’re the same color with no tell-tale overspray and this is a car who’s PO wouldn’t have taken the trouble to refinish those if he was changing them.

Also, if you look at the S1 parts manual there is only one set of part numbers listed. Nothing indicating a different hinge for later or US/Canadian market cars. The bumper is different as well as the overriders and the thick metal brace is different also, but I believe the hinge is the same. The 2 versions even have the same list of nuts, washers and adjusters for mounting to the hinge.

I can’t say with absolute certainty that the hinges are the same since I didn’t personally switch my 73, but if someone has a pic of the difference I for one would love to see it cause I can’t find any reference to it. 73 was a changeover year for the US bumper standard - only the front was required. The big loops with the rubber covers mounted closer to the frame/hinge point was probably enough to comply without messing with the hinge especially since the spec didn’t require ‘Zero damage’ just no damage to the function of the car.

I kind of think Jag wouldn’t have made any real change to the S1 tooling since for 74 (after Oct. 73) the S2 was coming out with it’s huge, rubber, federal bumpers.


(Steven Raskind) #7

Thanks, I have looked under the car from the floor but never had it in the air. It seemed as if something pretty large was attached to the oval over rider. I have an early bumper and ove riders, it is in a shop now and they will look at it. The whole big deal about this is that I have fog lamps that will mount in air vents. older style over riders are positioned further to outside fenders and don’t hit lamps when bonnet is open. Thanks I hope you are right. Steven

(RustfreeMike) #8

Hi Steven,
There is a pretty big attachment point for the bottom of the overrider that I think is welded to the underside of the bumper but independent of the hinge… Interested to find out what happens with yours.

I have a set of the correct, NOS fog lamps installed in place of the faux horn grills on one of my 72’s right now and I’ve actually made a few sets of the mounts as well - as you say, the 73 federal overriders are definitely in the way.


(phillip keeter) #9

This is wonderful thread. LOts of knmowlwdgw

(Steven Raskind) #10

Bingo! This can’t be done without cutting off heavy mount that is attached to frame. Your car is very beautiful. Thanks Steven

(Steven Raskind) #11

Can’t see how to add photo, I would post if I could.

(Steven Raskind) #12

I guess if I really want to mount them I have seen a cool bumper mount setup, but then they will be hiding grill.

(Robert Wilkinson) #13

If you can get your photo file (jpg, etc) on your desktop (or elsewhere), just hit the upload button located above your post window. It will ask if from your computer, and give a search prompt. Select the file as if you were going to open it. It will then appear in your post, located at the position of the cursor.

I hope you can post the photo. I cut those metal things off my 73 years ago, removed the heavy overriders and fit 68-72 overriders in the same location. Looks OK now but I have now acquired fog lamps, so same interest as you.

(Steven Raskind) #14

/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/36/00/369f/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_369f.jpg
/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/36/00/36a3/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_36a3.jpg
/Users/stevenraskind/Pictures/Icloud photos.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/36/00/369e/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_369e.jpg

(Robert Wilkinson) #15

Thanks, Steven. Does look like the bonnet hinge is what contains that bracket.

About 1/2 hour ago, I thought that I’d just go to my storage room in the basement, grab one of my non-73 bonnet hinges, and take a photo. Hahaha, as usual it took me 1/2 hour to fine one of them, other one is still missing. Typical, luck I found the one I did. Anyway, here’s what the early version looks like. RustfreeMike is correct, the parts manual shows only one version of the hinge, but it does show different bumpers, overriders, and brackets that extend out to the ends of the bumper. Still not sure, but if the hinge is different as it seems to be, Jaguar didn’t document it.

(Robert Wilkinson) #16

I think I see the subtle difference in the horizontal brackets (which do have different part numbers). The 73 only version has a shorter and more angled offset just outboard from the nut that attaches it to the hinge. The earlier has a longer offset, at a right angle. Or so it appears from our photos.

(Steven Raskind) #17

Thanks, this project is becoming much bigger than I thought. Can the 73 hinge be cut it doesn’t appear to just be bolted on? How would you attach other bracket? Thanks

(RustfreeMike) #18

Ah the elusive '73 bumper mount. I guess it isn’t an urban legend after all :slight_smile:

The only thing that appears in the parts manual is a ghostly dotted outline of something that could be that bottom hook on the 73 exploded view of the bumper.

(Robert Wilkinson) #19

What do you think, Mike? It looks to me like the 73 could possibly be cut down to resemble the early mount. The stud for attaching the horizontal bracket looks to be in the same position on both. So one could attach the earlier bracket to mount the earlier bumper. [The appropriate oblong hole looks to be in both brackets even though not used to mount the 73 bumper; I’ll bet they used the same piece of bar stock and just shaped it differently.] Could your mounts be cut down 73s, or are they the earlier type. I assume your car is definitely a 73 and not a misregistered 72–many changes besides the bumpers.

Wish I could remember back 26-7 years (before 25 yr old was born). I don’t know if I even removed the 73 bumper. I removed the ugly overriders and tossed them. I then (apparently effortlessly with youth, since I recall no trauma) sawed off the bottoms of the mounts so that my early overriders could attach. A couple inches inboard of course, and very slightly angled from straight ahead because of the curvature of the bumper at that location. They’ve been there ever since.

(RustfreeMike) #20

The hinge pivot position appears the same - it goes up in the middle of the horn grill. It’s interesting how the pivot is bolted - is there no way to separate all that mounting junk from the rest of the hinge?

Mine was built in 73 (I think January IIRC), it had all the 73 accouterments: plinth style rear license plate light, orange reflectors, 73 style emissions including fixed orifice EGR. It is probable that it was changed to early style hinge if that mount doesn’t come off. It for sure wasn’t cut. It is also Silver which is one of the most popular colors it seems. Maybe a PO found silver hinges cause even when I scratch em I see silver.

Interesting that Jag forgot to mention the special mount in the parts manual which has a copyright date of 1974.

Well it’s good to see a pic of the damn things finally.