Fuel line routing from tank to pump - XK120

Can any of you kind folks advise the correct routing for the 3/8” copper fuel line from the upper left corner of the tank (viewed from the front) to the pump inlet?

Well, Viart shows it on page 241, but it needs a little more explanation.
The 3/8" copper tube jogs over from the tank to the inboard side of the chassis dogleg, then runs down the dogleg above the rear shock, continues along the inboard chassis rail to the fuel pump. The inlet is below and the outlet above. The outlet goes out through the big grommeted hole in the chassis, and then runs along the outboard side to the engine.
There should be several hook type spring clips in 1/4" holes along there in the chassis for the pipe to clip into.
Those C.3727 spring clips are sold by XKs and others. The trick in installing them is to twist them, then push.

Thanks yet again, Rob. I consulted Viart but needed that clarification as it’s not obvious how the pipe jogs downward toward the side of the frame.


I think jogging outward, not downward, would be a more complete way to describe it. Look for a 1/4" hole up there at the top of the dogleg.


On my car ('53 DHC) the line exits the rear of the tank, curves upwards (almost touching the floor of the boot) to give good clearance over the axle, then curves down to meet up with the inner chassis rail, it runs along that until it curves outward in order to take a final bend and meet the pump. It is clipped to the frame rail, however, I replaced the old metal clips with rubber insulated ones so I don’t know how many of the originals were used. Hope this helps.


Thanks, Chris. Helps indeed. I don’t have any of the original style Trimount clips but will connect up the pipes while the chassis is wide open, then install the clips at a later time when I can get them sourced - assuming accessibility once the body’s back on (which will be within the next week or so).

Let me correct myself again. It jogs upward and outward to the top of the dogleg, then down the dogleg, passing over the rear shock, then along above the midline of the side rail and above the access hole for the rear spring bolt to the pump.

All original lines:

Stay safe!

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Job’s done, looks about right, now seeing Tadek’s photos (thanks!) after the fact - though not nearly as neat.

These are the original lines too.

image image

Thanks to all for the help.

This is a great forum.

Say Tadek, I remember you had hundreds of pictures of your car on the web before the restoration. Are those pix still on the web somewhere?

Nice work nic. I struggled like heck to get the correct bends to make a decent connection to the pump. In the end I cut the lines and installed a short length of flexible hose.
Just sayin.

These were the original tubes so the tight bends on either end were already made. The others I made with the tubing bender in the upper left corner of the second photo above.


Still in the cyberspace:


Brilliant collection, Tadek!


Yeah, I knew the fuel pipe routing pix were on there.

Hey Nick:

I know you have fitted the fuel line but, in addition to Tadek’s shots, there are some good views of location on the ex-Clark Gable 1952 XK120 currently on BaT although it may be (gasp!) missing a clip.


Thanks, Chris. I think I’ll make do without the genuine items myself (but keep that confession between us, ok?)

Note the little plastic (anti-rattling) stripes where the tube fits the clip.

I did not fit them, as my tube was pretty snug.

Also, the only place I have found the correct clips is::slight_smile:

The ones sold by SNG brake and are wrong shape.


These at XKs are for 3/8" tube and are what I used.
Kind of like the pinchers of an insect. You have to twist them to install them so the two pinchers overlap as they go in the hole.

They also have them for brake pipes.

I’m not sure if your body has gone back on yet, but be sure to check the top loop carefully when it does go on because it looks like it’s going to be a very close fit.
I have just fitted the rear fuel pipe with the body on and agree it was a very tricky job.
(ps (different subject) new sills fitted as per your advice with great success, thanks).