Got my YOM plates approved

I got a phone call today that my YOM plates had been approved for use by the DMV, and were ready to pick-up.

I’ve done about 5 or 6 sets of these over the years, and they’re usually done in a matter of days…these took 8 months!


How much does the state gouge you for those things?

It’s like a $30 annual fee.

Reassigning vintage plates didn’t used to be an option…once they were gone, they were gone, and you were stuck with modern plates, so you’ll never hear me complain. I buy one less iced coffee per month to pay fo them.


Only 10 bucks a year in AZ (after a one-time $25 fee).

That’s about right as I think the California to Arizona exchange rate is 3:1.

Iced coffee’s 30 freakin’ dollars???

I’ll not complain about my $25/annum fee for the Jeep!

$30 a year = $ 2.5 a month :blush:

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Paul, $30/12 = $2.50.

Marco, you beat me by milliseconds. :wink:

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In South Australia we can access all of the original numerical plates (1 to 999999), and all of the subsequent Rxx xxx and Sxx xxx plates as long as they’re not currently in use.

The numerical plates can be purchased from the Government, and once you do this you own the plate, can use it on any vehicle you own and sell it if you want. Single digit plates can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

The R and S plates are only $85 one off fee, but this is not transferrable. I have the plates of my Dad’s first car and my first car on a couple of my E types.

My Mk 2 has REG 61E, as he is named for Reggie Kray.

See my XJS “Shaguar”.

We also have what we call “personalized plates”, where you can get any 7-digit combo, as long as it’s not been issued previously.

In recent years, you can even order them in the vintage black/yellow color scheme, but for this car, I preferred a proper set of vintage plates.

Ah…For some reason, my addled old brain just saw $30 for a cup of coffee! Nothing surprises me anymore.

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“666:” that would be a “I wont ride in thar car,” for a certain wife I know…:smiling_imp:

It’s SHAGGG, baby!

We also have various custom options for a yearly fee.

I like you prefer originality.

I’ve got a picture of me as a toddler standing next to my Dad’s XD Holden wagon RAF-957. That plate’s now on my 3.8 coupe.

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Congrats on getting through all the wickets. Mine are similarly hung up since August. I told the DMV I want to semi-restore the plates once they’re approved, which they initially accepted. But months later they now insist that the 64 tag be fixed to the plate before approval. Guess I may have to just buy a second one off eBay.

BTW - In CA, YOM plates have been an option for over 20 years. Just not the 1963 Black Plates.

Yep, I had a set of yellow w/black plates on my ‘61 Mini in the late-90’s.

Black plates were not eligible in those days…I think they were added to the program about 10-12 year ago, from memory.

I do prefer the twin lights over the single on the xjs

As we do here. I have an antique auto plates on the FHC. $30 or so five years ago to cover the cost of issuance and no annual fees, no renewal ever. Another car has a Vietnam Veteran plate. Those renew annually for about $3.

Va. has a great deal. $75 one time fee for an “antique vehicle” tag - anything over 35 years old - and it’s PERMANENT!! No more annual registrations! At 15 years and counting, I’m way ahead of the game. Plus, you can run plates from that year on the vehicle as long as you have the issued tag in possession.

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I just recently got a Colorado “Horseless Carriage” plate. Costs $14 for 5 years.


Same here, and it is a tickle to label an E with “Horseless Carriage”.