Greetings from Australia, and my XJ40 project

I do have a little bit of a problem lurking in the back of my mind, The engine in the car right now is a stock as a rock engine from a 1992 Ford LTD. (Australian version.) and sits nicely in its place now, but I have acquired a pair of GT40P heads, and I am contemplating using them, I am just wondering if the rest of the upper end will still fit. I am told I can use the AU XR8 Falcon as they used the same heads, so I will look into it in more detail as time progresses.


Now!!! We have had no real progress for quite few months. I have no intensions of boring the hell out you, however it seems some people are not happy with what I do. (bugger.) There is a reason for the bonnet scoop, the main reason is height of the engine, secondly it lets out the hot air. The engine sits a little bit higher than the carb engine I used to see if I could get a V8 engine in there.

The engine covers will hit the bottom of the bonnet, I did consider a bonnet bulge at first, the change has been made now. I thought it would be tight under there so that one of the reasons I put one there.


We are not bored, you are doing superb innovative work, love it

As to the haters :laughing: I doubt they have your skill, and I would suggest they are the ones that should go get… :grimacing:

Not like its an XK120 or E-type


I am not phased by those whom are not interested in the work I m doing, I am in more than just this forum, and they all have the same threads as I write them, I am getting a little bit flustered over the stupid stuff I am doing like loosing those front lower rear bushings. I have to wait now until the next set show up. (I am bound to find the others then.) :laughing:

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You will never please all of the people all of the time, f++k them, personally I think you are doing an amazing job, it’s not like you’re butchering up a rare car, quite the opposite actually, transforming a relatively common model of Jaguar into something extraordinary, I’m looking forward to seeing it finished and driving :+1:

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As you are no doubt well aware, you havent worked on vehicles till you have lost parts.

I agree its disturbing if you go through a run of it, makes me think I am dementing :rofl:

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Purchased a new 22mm socket for the XJR wheel nuts last week, its somewhere in the garage (I hope!)

Yes the wheels I have for the car is in the shed for the moment, I am looking for some better brakes, probably bigger, we will see when it all starts to come together. The wheels I am using now are 18 inch, and so I have a bit of room to play with.

I will get some pics of the wheels on the car when the front suspension has been completed. I cannot do that yet as with no suspension the car cannot be moved.

Okay, I have been playing silly buggers today. I have a couple of pics to show you how much the bonnet scoop was really needed.
Engine too tall.-001
The black section is made of plastic, and that is why it has not been powder coated, the rest is an alloy, and it has been powder coated green. the next pic shows how close it gets just before the scoop starts.

the next shot shows it all climbing upwards.
Hood clearance.-003
This gives you an idea of how much area I needed to cover.

So today I started fitting the transmission mounts and will finally insert the driveshaft into the transmission, hopefully it will be done by the end of the day. More pics tomorrow.

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Well today I did at least get the transmission mount finally done, then I had a couple of other ideas.

I have dropped the link a little bit, I have a couple of ideas, just not sure what to do with them. So I have made up a small bash plate, and hopefully soon I can try out my other ideas, if they don’t work well nothing much there.

So I made up this bash plate to start with, thinking of playing with the air flow under the car, but just ideas for now.

Well today has come to an end, but it has been a very good day for me at least. I finished installing the transmission mount, and got the tail shaft done, and as predicted I ordered the new lower control arm rear bushings, and I later found the ones I had lost. So both lower control arms are now in place.

My shafts seem to be in very good condition so I painted them up with copper anti seize, put the new poly bushings in place and poked it all through. I did the same thing with the front control arm as well.

I decided to put some lowered springs in the car, I will need to wait for these to arrive. I put the old shock in place, mainly so I don’t loose all the bolts and nuts, as the shocks will also be replaced.

That is about all from me today, so until next time.

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