Has anyone mixed interior colors?

Hi all

My red coupe has a black interior, which on one level is sharp looking, but I’m thinking that maybe adding some tan interior pieces might brighten it up some… I had an Alfa which had a mixture of Black and Tan and it looked good. Not sure of what pieces I’d change. Carpet set? Or maybe door panels and sills? Am I crazy? :crazy_face:

Has anyone done this?

Maybe some color combinations would work. Like a dove grey interior with black carpet. But I have a hard time visualizing how colors work together. I have to see them.

Same here…sometimes color combos that sound awful in my head look great in reality, and vice-versa.

Keep in mind that things like “personalized” interiors can also really detract from a car’s appeal if/when it comes time to sell. Similarly, a black engine compartment looks great on my ‘65 Mustang, but not so much on an E-type.

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If the car were tan or black, maybe. But, three colors going? I vote no. And even at two colors, I’d probably limit the contrast to piping and/or carpet.

I’ve always loved a cold Black and Tan😎

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Classic Jaguar web site has interiors they have done that are mixed. Looks snazzy to me.
Black door cards with tan cap. Bring it on

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I’m with John, and think it would be easy to make the interior look too busy. With the body being red you already have some flashiness, and it would be too easy to tip that over to gaudy. I saw a red OTS with black interior that looked really classy with red piping and black/red coco mats, bringing a bit of the flashy color inside in a very tasteful way.

My 62 fhc had later model seats fitted when I bought it. I wanted to return it to original (simply because I prefer the look of the earlier seats) and the seats I found had just been retrimmed.
They were black and the interior of the car is biscuit. I put the seats in, just for a look, and quite liked the combination - the black ties in with the dash. Lucky they weren’t some other colour I suppose.

Take a look;


My XK 140 has a 2 tone interior which was standard dove grey dark blue. Surprising it didnt follow over to the etype.

Not my cuppa tea…

I vote No…20 times

I’m only the messenger, so don’t shoot me. The OP wondered what his car would look like. I was just trying to help.

You did. :flushed:

I have never like single-color interiors on any car. I specifically did NOT want the “stock” monochrome E-Type interior, so I had a custom kit made with different, non-stock, colors, and materials, in a number of areas. The interior is a mix of cream, light cinnamon and dark cinnamon. The cream nearly matches the pearlescent creamy white paint. There is NO hardura, except the two or three under-dash pieces. The rear deck and boot are carpeted instead of hardura. The seats, center console, shifter “tower” and shifter boot, and the center cubby box are all trimmed in cream leather. The door trim is cream vinyl, with the caps light cinnamon. The footwells, rear deck and boot are all dark cinnamon carpet. Most of other the interior vinyl trim is light cinnamon, including the arm rests. I think the three-tone treatment makes the interior look a lot more modern, and I would definitely do it again.

Ray L.


A picture(s) would say so much more. Got any?

I’ll try to get out to the garage and take a few tomorrow.

Ray L.

Roger! Thanks. ( I might do the reverse. Black caps with tan door cards and sills.) I went to the classic jag site and didn’t see any mixed interiors. How did you find them??

That’s sort of the path I’m considering, black seats and black center console. Do you have any photos?

Ray, thanks for your response. My 911 has a black and blue interior and I think it looks sharp. An Alfa I had, but sold to make room for my E, and Black and Tan combination and I thought it interesting. If you have any photos I’d really like to see it. It would help me visualize what I might want to do to my car. I vacillate between adding biscuit, tan or cinnamon components to my black interior. I doubt I would add more than one of those, but you went for 3…

Thanks to all!

Classic Jaguar. You would have to go back a ways in the photos of their cars they have restored. Maybe 8 yrs or so ??
1 car was medium blue metallic with mixed interior. And their are others

I might get shot down for what I’m about to tell and show you. My S3 is Indigo blue metallic/pearl inside and out. With navy blue carpets and a mix of burgundy red leather and convertible top and black dash top, door crash rolls and sill covers.
I only get positive comments, but I’m sure there are some other comments that I don’t hear :slight_smile:
Each to him self, but I do know that my car will not win a concourse and then again, neither will an Eagle Speedster.