Hi, I would like to update my profile and photo. How can this be done please, sincerely, Mytype

Hi “mytype,”

Please add your real name to your profile as well, when you’re updating it. Here’s how:

  • Click your avatar (top right), then the head and shoulders icon, then Preferences.
  • First, enter your real name in the “Name” box. This is a requirement on Jag-lovers.
  • Second, click the little pencil icon next to your existing avatar picture. You’ll be prompted to select your new avatar, including the ability to upload a new picture.
  • Third, anything else you’d like to change should be available on that same page.

Good luck!


I Gunnar, did as you directed, clicked on the Avtar photo of me but no “preferences” window shows up to click on. I get “ Open link in new tab” “Open link in new window” “Open link in Private window” “Create QR code for this image”, etc etc. but no “Preferences” where I can start entering the changes. Tried right clicking but just a list of old posts that I have sent.

Thanks Gunnar, being a Luddite isn’t easy but I will give this one another try. Best regards, Brian

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Hi Brian,

Sounds to me like you “right-clicked” the avatar instead of clicking with the left mouse button?

When you click your avatar (at the top right of the screen), using the left mouse button, a drop-down menu should appear. Click the little icon with the head and shoulders, then click Preferences.

Hi Gunnar, no, when I left click I get a list of all submissions and replies from members.

Yes. And on top of the list, to the right, is an icon showing a head and shoulders.

See red circle on attached screenshot. Click it, then select Preferences.

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Thanks for your help and patience Gunnar, I think I have made the changes required. Also Paypal’d some money in the kitty. Great forum, great guys, great host. Merry Christmas to you and your family and thanks again. Brian


Happy it worked, and thank you!

You too, have a Merry Christmas!


Gunnar, I tried your suggestion, and the only thing I could change was my avitar picture… I have moved and would like to include my current location… thanks,


Under Prefrences (see above), select Profile on the left. Then you’ll see Location as one of the items you can change.

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Thanks, Gunnar, I made the changes… no problem if you know how…LOL Don