Hiatus, but hoping to get back on the horse/cat

Hey all.

Had to take a hiatus thanks be to COVID (medical field blows right now). THOUGHT the worst was behind us, sadly was wrong.

For my mental sanity, hoping to get back in the shop now that the head has been repaired.

Still on the search for a SINGLE replacement piston for the 4.2L. Looks like replacing the set might be my only option.

Hope everyone is staying well.

Will post updates as I get the ball rolling again, hopefully.



Welcome back!

I know the travails you’ve been going through, so you could prolly use some ‘Jaguar therapy!’

I PMed you with some piston info.

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I had thought about you the other day as it has been some time since you posted. Figured you had been busy as hell with Omicron. Glad the head is done and if it was me, I would probably spring for a new set as it’s been difficult to find a single piston. With some luck, you should be able to get it finished yet this spring and enjoy it. :wink:

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Welcome back!

I forget did you ever contact Siestasun on Ebay? You might try Team CJ. They build a few engines per month. They replace pistons routinely and exclusively. When mine was done, I was told it would be “new or no”. Thus, they rip out and either save or most likely trash hundreds of serviceable pistons. They might be willing to let you dumpster dive one.

If it was me, and I was in your position, I’d hand it to a reliable shop to just get them all replaced. You could probably have it done for one week’s traveling nurse wages (from what my traveling nurse friend tells me she’s making). Life’s too short to spend it searching for a single piston.

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There simply is no need for her to do that: first, the (well-rebuilt) engine would have to come out, and second, a good used piston, weight-matched to the old one, will work perfectly OK.

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I wouldn’t weight match to the crushed one. It’s been on a diet. Maybe to the neighboring one. I guess I’m not a trusting sort. I worry about what sort of work was previously done on it. Was there any evidence that it was actually balanced?

I would, unreservedly: I’ve seen the piston, and it lost very little weight in its incident.

It would work perfectly.

Candiece’s dad was extremely careful in how he did the work.

Hadn’t thought about CJ. Good idea Erica

Indeed: they may well have a perfectly-useable used one.

Welcome Back Nicole. And thanks for being in the trenches fighting the Pandemic. The term “Heros” has been grossly overused in the past few years, but in reference to the doctors and nurses dealing with Covid I think the label is deserved.

Besides Classic Jaguar in Austin you might also try asking Coventry West. They also rebuild a lot of Jaguar engines.


welcome back
post most be 20 characters

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Hi Candiece, what size bore are you looking for? I have one standard bore that came from my 11k OTS.
It still has most of the tin plating on it. Part number is stamped C 24086 G sized. This is a split skirt OEM original piston.

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Spring would be nice, but with my work schedule, highly unlikely.

Glad to at least try to get back at it.

Hi Erica!

I did contact them, to no avail. Sets but no singles.

Thank you John, but so many heroes out there. EVERY single essential worker is a hero in my book.

I reached out to Coventry as well. Was hard at it trying to locate one, then got crazy at work and dropped the search,

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Let me go search details, I have them written down.

Welcome back Candice…… hope you get some “ distraction therapy “ by getting back to the Jag ……


Nicole,if they would mic their used sets and see if they have a single piston that measures what you need, it might be worth picking up that whole set. Should be less than a new set, and as Paul commented on earlier, would eliminate the need to pull all apart

Or here is someone on EBay in Birmingham.

Just got this response on Ebay:

I just got in a fairly large inventory of assorted new British pistons, approx. 300 of them. I will start unpacking them this coming week.

Will need some more info though, what brand, what size, long or short skirt, number of rings, compression ratio. If your old piston is made by AE there will be a 5-digit part number either cast into the under side, or stamped on the top of the piston, ex. 18596 etc. If it happens to be an original Jaguar piston they stamp their part number on the top of the piston, C20090 etc.


:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Well, that sounds promising.

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