How does your muffler hang? (S2 2+2)

Working away on my S2 2+2 major project car. Is anyone able to take a measurement of how far down the mufflers hand on an S2 please? Perhaps what the gap is between the top of the mufflers and the bottom of the floor pan?

It would also be helpful to have a fore and aft measurement. Perhaps from the end of the muffler to a fix point of reference.

Thanks, Pat

Kinda of going thru the same myself…

Apologies, you are referring to mufflers not resonators…


I have read your post a few times and am confused about your request.
The ‘hanging brackets’ , called ‘clamp and strap’ in the parts list and the rubber connectors to attach them to the car dictate the position of the mufflers from the body or floor pan. There is a heat shield between the floor pan and the mufflers also.
Are you using the exhaust package for the 2+2 car or are you making your own?

Regards, Joel.

On my old SII 2+2 there was a gap of about 1/2" - 3/4 of an inch between the highest point on the mufflers and the heat shield.

Unlike an OTS or FHC, the mufflers on a 2+2 are separate from the brackets that hold them in place. The brackets are fixed to the car body via rubber hanger straps and the mufflers can be slid forward or backward in the brackets as needed when installing the system.

Just working on this…my system is Bell stainless…the muffler clamps that came with the system from Bell are way too wide so I’m using the old brackets that I used on the mild steel system. They fit. The result is that the gap above the mufflers is, as others have suggested, about 1/2"…just enough to allow the top half of the clamping system room to get in and adjust. Still working with Bell on the muffler clamps.

Thanks everyone, this helps a lot.