I am in the process of buying a rare 1997 X330 (XJ6L). Any special advice, caveats?

This is a “special” XJ6 as there were only 203 of them manufactured. This has the AJ16 engine. it has 181,000 miles on it but,

  1. The valve train doesn’t rattle under acceleration (the chains sound tight).
  2. It doesn’t burn oil.
  3. The alignment is good.
  4. The tires are nearly new.
  5. The brakes are excellent.
  6. The differential makes no noises (I had a friend sit over it during the test drive, no bumps, grinds, whines, or rattles).
  7. It has a brand new “respray” with a “Glass Top” thick baked on clearcoat, no rust bubbles anywhere. It looks like new. (This cost him $4000.00 USD).

He has taken excellent care of the machine and I am paying $5500.00 for it.

Thoughts? Comments?

Look underneath…you might not like what you see!!

This is a good starting point:

It’s a Virgin!
Just breaking in
Someone made a mistake it’s 24 years old!
Great car for 5 grand you’ll feel like a king!

I had one. Nice car, but it never crossed my mind it was especially rare, unless by rare you mean that few people in a changeover year would choose the base spec of an outgoing model. They usually load them up with extras to get rid of them.

This is one of 203 “L” models for 1997 I took a good long look before leaping on it. The $4000.00 pint/“Glass Top” coat is immaculate and the plug coils look very good.
Someone has taken excellent care of this automobile.

The clock has been removed and a “Union Jack” is in its place. (this is not a problem as I wear a fine Citizen AtomicTime Watch that resets itself every 24 hours according to an Atomic Clock).

You’ll never find more car for less money.

With old cars it’s a given that there will be some problems to address…now or soon enough… but when an old Jag looks really good and drives really well these things are a lot less painful. :slight_smile:


Jon as Doug has said, its an old car…things will happen but for that money, you cant go wrong.
P.S. If the DIGITAL clock was removed from the console, it will EFFECT your memory heated seats and settings and other things as well.
Drive it till the wheels fall off!

It is “rare” because it has “Limited Edition” on the glove compartment (original) and as I said, there were only 205 made. (It always has “Limited Edition” on the trunk lid).
This is what makes it special.

It’s not rare or special. That’s just marketing mumbo jumbo. A plaque stuck on the dash of a mass produced consumer product gives it the extra value of a Franklin Mint Elvis Collectors Plate.

Still a nice car. $5500 is a ton of money for a 188k car though. I’d be thinking $3k or less. Sorry the previous owner is going to take a bath but that’s not your problem.

I have already paid $3K and have a written Bill Of Sale. It is too late to back out. I still think that I’ll eventually have another 4.0 AJ16 dropped into it. If that engine has about 50,000 miles on it, I’ll still come out ahead. (I’ll drive it until the wheels fall off).

Jon Enjoy the ride
If you like it , it’s special😍
Just drive it and report back your first road trip !
Desert run!
Snow blinding drive with snow chains!

I would really enjoy an 1160 mile run on Interstate 5 to Tijuana. I just finished such a 2320 mile round-trip in my Lincoln Town Car. (I toured along at 55 mph in the Lincoln so that I could maximize my fuel mileage).
I wish that I could have made this trip in the X330. I think that it would have been more fun.

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One thing to do above all else is to source a set of X308 headlamps and wiring looms from the breakers whilst still available and to fit them!!
See Jim Butterfields fitting X308 headlamps or Maximus’s write up “into the light”.
Wash and clean them before fitting and use Osram Nightbreakers or Phillips Pathfinder bulbs.
The X300 headlights are crap and the improvement in visibility is incredible!

I have refitted the headlamps on my 2003 Lincoln Town Car with the proper LED-chip light sources. I have already been seeking two pairs of proper LED-chipped headlight units. These are more expensive than Halogen lamps but are far more effective at night. (They are marvelous and have a service life of about 50 Halogen bulbs).

The LED units are easy to install and draw less current.

Just under 300,000klms, my brother sold his X300 with over 333,333 klms (thats what it rolled over when I was driving back from a charity run, <>5 years ago) since then it has been purchased by his cousin-in-law and it is still running fine. Those engines are bullet proof if serviced regularly.

It’s easy to find used X300s all over the place. All the examples I’ve seen in the $3000-less category are not something I want. At the price level you’re getting into some raggedy cars; especially when it comes to paint and leather.


I plan on taking good care of the X330. IMHO, the automobile is absolutely marvelous and sophisticated. I generally wear a fedora, bowler, or Panama hat (boater, Stetson “Retro”, or Jaxon trilby). When I am driving. My daily apparel is generally a sports jacket, dress shirt, and slacks. I am usually seen in a dress hat of some kind. (Most men around me wear the dreaded “baseball cap”. Not me, I prefer to dress well while those about me are usually seen In dress clothing four times in their lives:

  1. Attending church,
  2. Weddings,
  3. Funerals, and when they hear that well-worn phrase,
  4. "Will the defendant please rise." :scream:

Have you found anything you like more for less money? If not, there’s probably no reason to back out. Sometimes finding the right car is more important than finding the right price.

Remember the price range you’re shopping in. Sub-$10,000. We’re talking used Honda Civic territory. It’s not like you’re paying $100k for a car that you can buy anywhere else for $75k.

You found a nice old Jag that you’re apparently in love with for $5500. Be happy !


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