I just updated Discourse, please post any problems here

I just updated Discourse, our forum software, to the latest version: 2.9.0.beta11. If you encounter any strange new problems, please let me know in this thread. Thanks!


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Strange new problem #1: Now the list of categories to the left that used to show the number of threads with new or unread posts, now only shows a blue dot to indicate new posts, but now how many threads are affected.


Not a problem but a request.
I’m new to the forum and just bought a 59 Mk1 3.4 automatic.
I’ve been trolling just about every post and I would love to be able to tag some and come back to them once I get down to work.
Is it possible to add a couple of Tags? “MK1” and “Interior”. It would make searching much easier for me and I’m happy to add the tags as appropriate.
p.s. Great forum by the way.

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I agree David. I noticed the change as well and now I feel that I have to double check “Latest” to find if there real is any new posts. Seems like we’ve added an extra step in there but I guess I’ll learn to live with it.

Hi David,

This was actually mentioned in the release notes that I linked to in my post. The solution is:

Hope this helps!


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I hope you mean trawling… :wink:

I agree, I wish people would use tags more. I don’t think you, as a regular member of the forum, can add tags to other people’s posts, though. It’s possible that this ability will be available to you as you “rise through the ranks,” as it were, to higher trust levels on the forum. Please note that this process is automatic, and is handled by the forum software.

But, what you can do is bookmark posts that interest you. When you’re viewing such a post, click the three dots on the mini menu below the post:

Next, click the bookmark icon that appears:

You can later access your bookmarks by going to https://forums.jag-lovers.com/my/activity/bookmarks

Or, to click your way there, click your avatar in the top right corner of any screen (1). Then click the profile icon (2). Finally, click the Activity menu item (3):

This will bring up the same bookmarks page as via the direct link mentioned above:

I hope this helps!



That sounds great. Thanks.
I’m really enjoying the site and hope to contribute more (especially photos) as I progress with the Mk1.

Best of luck with the car, and welcome to Jag-lovers!