HOWTO: How can I find out what Trust Level I'm in?

For an explanation about the different Trust Levels in Discourse, what is required for you to get to the next TL, and what privileges follow each level, please check out this page.

To see what Trust Level you are currently in, click the little avatar at the top right corner of any page in the forums. That is, the circle that has either your picture, or a solid background color with the first letter of your username in it. Please note: The background color and letter will vary!


Next, click the little “head and shoulders” icon.


Then, click “Summary” (also with a head and shoulders icon next to it).


If needed, click the gray button labeled “Expand”.


You should now see your trust level.


Basic user means Trust Level 1. Here’s a key to deciphering the different levels:

  • New: Trust Level 0
  • Basic: Trust Level 1
  • Member: Trust Level 2
  • Regular: Trust Level 3
  • Leader: Trust Level 4

You should also see a bunch of stats for your account, which you can use to compare with the requirements for the Trust Level you would like to be in.