I keep getting e mail from Jaglovers

I do not want any feedback or emails unless im subsrbed to the thread.

how do i turn it off?

ive clicked never on everything i can find under my profile. I will unsubscribe here if this isnt manageable

really aggravated please respond.

You just joined, and yer complaining about emails?


wiggles if you dont have something concrete to contribute please dont.


Click on your icon at the upper right of y our screen, the white “S” in the green circle.

Click on the head and shoulders icon.

Select preferences.

Select Email and set your preferences accordingly.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom and click on save.

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Thanks John I will try that. Wiggles keep your day job


Great info Nick I. Thank you. I know some folks live here and thats fine but like you said i have plenty of email and prefer to look at my messages and followups on the forum when i log in. Being new as well i just wasn’t sure how all the profile settings would respond.I enjoy the info on this forum and look forward to contributing when i can. Thanks again.

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