I Need Some XK Help!

I got this Jaguar engine kit, and it didn’t come with any instructions: any of you guys ever put one of these things together?

I’m pretty sure I have one too many intake manifolds…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Paul,

The extra intake manifold looks to me more like the trumpets that connect the carbs to the air intake box.

Now for the sniping - how many errors are there? All three carbs have the fuel bowl on the same side - one should be on the other side.


Hi Paul,

Is this the origin: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/gadget/jaguar-xke-e-type-engine? Looks like if you create an account they have a “Make” button that may have instructions.

If you go through the pictures he has exploded renderings that show the construction.



My plea for assistance in assembling this was in jest: I think I can assemble one, be it a model or a 1:1 version, in my sleep.

That may or may not be something of which to be proud…:expressionless:

Yep, done a few different models. Knowing the real thing makes it easy to do the models. Most of them have detail errors.

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The ones that had the least were Pocher models: I put one together, in the 70s. Took me the better part of a year.


“All three carbs have the fuel bowl on the same side - one should be on the other side.”

?? Mine match. But then I build full size cars as I did when I was doing scale models: the way I like them.

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One manifold is a 4.2 version, the other a 3.8 type.

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Ah ha, makes sense.

if he just undoes the 4 screws, he can rotate the arm and bowl 180 degrees I believe :rofl:

No, he’s screwed - the lids are handed.

Yes. When I swapped my rear one 'round, I bought a ‘front’ lid off eBay and modded a surplus fuel rail to fit. Of course the throttle linkage needed a redesign as well.

I really didn’t like the one backwards fuel bowl :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool idea, your setup looks sweet

Gives me an idea for my triple HS8 setup, as I now have acquired some extra ones

Did you silver solder or braze banjos onto a modified existing pipe, I would have all those parts laying about

Are your handkerchiefs all ironed and folded up just the same ? :rofl:

I am admittedly OCD about unimportant things. Much of my life is fairly tidy and organized, though sadly not all.

To mod the fuel pipe, I took a slightly mangled original and stripped the finish off in the blast cabinet before unsoldering the rear banjo, cutting/bending the pipe, then re-soldering. Then had it replated. The fuel pipe was copper with brass banjos so easy to work with.

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What a beautyful carburettor setup :heart_eyes:

See a super original Sep 1962 set-up re position of fuel bowls - factory original/unrestored, but note brass Oil Damper caps…

And a later Feb 1963, again super original/unrestored (one owner from new) set-up, now with black plastic Oil Damper Caps…

Note both cars are RHD


Yes, I see it looks…wrong. Correct, but wrong.

Not necessarily laughing at anyone’s OCD, but…:joy::joy::joy:

I think we are all ‘over the top’ somewhere, on something…

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Does your changed setup still allow for fitment of the original air filter equipment

( ie are the carb spacings altered)

I am too stupid to work it out for sure myself, your non-standard air filter leaves me uncertain…so I thought I would just ask :smiley: